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RLD Frequently Asked Questions
Please take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with this FAQ, you'll be glad that you did because many basic questions are all answered right here!

A glossary of Frequently Used Terms is also available.

How To Negotiate With A Window Girl

Q: How do I "do business" with the RLD ladies?

A: "Negotiating" with the ladies of the RLD can be a lot of fun! AND it is THE most critical part to "getting" what you seek. DO NOT BE SHY. She's heard it all. Believe me. Be nice while you're talking with her and it will go a long way. Let her know, in detail, what you're looking for. If you want to be sure she is going to be totally nude, be sure to ASK! If you want to be able to kiss her sure to ask. In short....while it may not be very romantic to discuss what you are going to be doing before you do it, you just have to. It is NOT romance...but it can be most enjoyable IF you wind up having the experience you were looking for.

Detailed Instructions

1. Always be friendly and make eye contact. Let her flirt with you. If she isn't doing any of that, start to rethink your choice of a lady. Always be respectful.

2. Start with inquiring about price. Right now you will typically be told "€ 50,= for suck and fuck." you have your "baseline". But, what does that include? Well, you have to ask!

3. Ask what the € 50,= gets you. ASK if she will be nude. Ask if you can "play" with her breasts or wherever you want to touch. ASK if you can kiss wherever or whatever it is you want to kiss. ETC. You have to ask to be sure. It's ok. She's used to it.

4. Take into account that the lady has her own limits. For example, kissing on the mouth is often not possible.

5. Do not be cheap. You're getting a deal as it is! If these prices seems expensive, go away. Also, do not spend all day finagling a price. Your little talk shouldn't take more then a few minutes max. It's ok to be "clumsy" at first. All of us were. And, don't be afraid to say you are nervous or it's a new thing to you! You just might be surprised how she receives you. The lady is a person just like you and wants to be treated as such. She is not a performing seal, or a piece of meat. I'll say it again, always be respectful.

6. Ask how much time the € 50,= buys. "Now, is that for 30 minutes?" Of course it is not...and if you are going to want to be with her for more than 15-20 mins, wait until after you agree on a basic situation before you seek more time. That means, after the door is shut, the curtain drawn and the door locked in the "kamer".

7. You want your special position? Better ask! And, expect to pay a bit more, unless it's the "traditional" position we all know!

8. "Negotiating" is NOT hard or'll become a real "pro" after just a few times. And remember, the nicer you are, the nicer she is likely to be!

9. Remain reasonable in a situation in which conflict occurs and leave it for what it is. Never demand your money back. If you think you have good reason to be dissatisfied (and this does happen), seek the management if any is available (in the RLD, it's not possible), or be graceful about it, and chalk it up to "experience".

10. Remember, like any two human beings in any other situation, a contact may be less than successful, often through simple unfamiliarity. Take this into account and do not be disappointed. Move on.Q: Are condoms supplied? Can I bring my own?Condoms are always used, no exceptions. and are always supplied. You are welcome to bring along your own.

Q: Is tipping necessary in the RLD?

A: No. Tipping is NOT necessary. The entire concept of "tipping" is foreign in the Netherlands. It's built into your restaurant bill, your bar bill, your hotel bill, and your RLD bill.

1. Tipping in the RLD most generally earns you bunches of "brownie points". The lady is NOT expecting it and is usually rather "touched" when the gesture is made. It's our perception the "mood" changes a bunch!

2. You can tip, if you want to try it, before you begin or after. It just all depends on the lady, the situation, you and all the other great things which make the "experience" FUN!

3. "How much should I tip?" you're asking right now. Well, again, it just depends! I've seen a € 10,= tip produce results! And above, all, you want the "tip" to be for that "special" lady you prefer I should think. However, the € 25,= or € 50,= note works well.

An issue can be that the lady grows to expect that's lost its purpose at that point. Not to worry...there are plenty more ladies who will appreciate that extra gesture you're trying to make.

4. Money isn't the only way to tip. It really isn't! The ladies are people and the chemistry you develop with yours can be quite erotic and border on friendship. Heck, it might even develop into that! A small bouquet of flowers is what I use sometimes, sometimes a bottle of wine. Of course, I've never lost sight she's there for an income, so I never stop the small tips. I just "change" from one to the other. That the ladies like surprises is one thing I have discovered!

5. Tipping can be fun and productive. It can also bum you out because you picked the wrong lady to tip. Not to worry. We all misjudge or don't read the situation properly.

6. Don't expect anything in return when you tip. You're doing it for you. If something "good" comes of it, great. If it doesn't, reassess your "style" or the lady!Q: How many euros will get me what in the red light district?

A: Prior to the currency changeover to the euro, it was common for either a suck or a fuck to be offered seperately at 50 guilders each---for the minimum time of 10-15 mins. While still occasionally offered, it's more normal now for the both of them to be offered for € 50. Keep in mind that no official body or authority sets the prices on offer, prices simply reflect common practice among the girls. Prices may vary between girls, time of day, day of week and a lot of other things. There are no rules, but remember, it's always up to the lady!

Suck (pijpen) € 30,=
Fuck (neuken) € 30,=
Suck and fuck (pijpen en neuken) € 50,=

These will include all needed for about 15 minutes. If you want more time you can expect to pay € 50 extra for each additional 15 minutes, this doesn't apply to a longer session. Below is what you could expect to pay for a standard suck and fuck by time duration.

15 min € 50,=
30 min € 100,=
45 min € 125-150,=
60 min € 150-200,=

Here are a few extras and what the usual asking price may be:

Anal € 25, to € 45,= extra (very rare in the RLD)
BDSM € 100,= to € 175,= hr
Toys € 50 to € 75,= extra

Two girls are double the price you would pay for one girl.Never expect this to be any standard. It can and will vary. Someone may offer s&f for € 30 if she's having a slow night.It's always up to the lady.

Q: Where are all of the Sex Clubs in Amsterdam?

A: Please read our page Clubs, Escorts pages for reviews and locations. Then use the Search for further information. If no info is available about a particular place, then post on the board.

Club prices vary between € 150,= to €1000,= hr, and can go much higher---especially if "champagne for the lady" is involved, but your own drinks are usually included. Read the reviews and take heed about what is said about taxis also.Private Houses (privehuizen) vary between € 150 to € 250 hr. Sometimes there is little to distinguish between a club and a private house. A club is a bar, with ladies and rooms, a private house is usually exactly what the name implies. You're led into a bedroom, then introduced to the ladies. Sometimes a drink will be offered, sometimes not.Condoms are always used, no exceptions. They are always supplied, but why don't you take along your own, just to be sure?Safety in the RLD

Q: Am I safe in the RLD?

A: The Walletjes RLD is full of tourists so there are generally a lot of people around, which is good for safety. Violent crime is nearly non-existent. Amsterdam in general is safer than many people think, referring to the reputation the city has due to the RLD. You are safer, even in the RLD, than in most other cities in the world. Crime consists primarily of pickpocketing, purse snatching and other petty forms of robbery. Of course, it's not petty if it happens to be your wallet or passport that goes missing!

A Few Tips

1. Late at night, in the early AM hours, when the number of people thins out, it is prudent to keep to the main streets and avoid small, empty alleys. Be alert that you do not walk into a couple of people or a group lurking in an empty street.

2. Do not carry more money than you need for the evening. Leave everything else (money, credit cards, passport, jewelry, etc.) in the safe at the hotel. Obtain whatever money you need from the plentiful bank machines, Geldomat, for example. Take along photocopies of passports and credit cards.A typical pickpocket trick: one guy somehow drawing your attention (touching your arm, speaking to you, etc.) while someone else empties your pocket from the other side. Furthermore, pickpockets have a tendency to attempt their moves when you least expect them. If you're looking at a post card carousel, sitting on a bar stool at a pub, your belongings perhaps do get the idea?

3. Those that are really a threat are the ones that you would least expect. Beware of people who are too friendly. Once you drop your guard you are an easy mark.

4. The drug dealers you find in every corner in the RLD are generally harmless. Just walk past them, look down, ignore them, and they will not bother you. At the most one will whisper of what they offer. Do not answer them back, because if you don't speak Dutch, they can sometimes become very pesty and latch onto you, trying to take advantage of what they think is an easy and gullible tourist. Dutch natives are immune to this tactic for the simple reason that they speak Dutch. If they continue to bother you, the most effective tactic short of shooting them point blank, is simply to shout repeatedly, as loudly as possible, in whatever language you speak, "Police!" Don't take our word for it! The general view of people posting on our board is that Amsterdam and the RLD is safe. Just take normal precautions.

Q: Can I take photographs of the ladies in the RLD?A: We post this question under the category of "Safety in the RLD" for one important reason, it concerns your safety. You may find yourself without a camera, at the least stripped of your film, or worse, verbally or physically assaulted by either the ladies, or the security guys who float about and blend into the background. We even know one instance of a persistent shutterbug, who refused to stop taking pictures and found himself the victim of a stabbing by the object of his unwanted attentions. Well deserved in our opinion. The sad part is that both parties, the imbecilic tourist and the working girl both found themselves arrested.

Please respect the rights of the ladies to not be a take home souvenir to show to the guys or post on the net. It's their right. Similarly respect the rights of the cruising customers, some of whom might also give you a souvenir you'd rather wish you hadn't received.Leave your camera at home, or well hidden on your person, not slung around your neck. Don't invite suspicion and hostility.

Sexually Transmitted Paranoia

Q: Are there STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) in the RLD?

A: First of all, if you’re particularly worried about this subject, you shouldn’t be contemplating a visit to a professional prostitute in Amsterdam.

STD’s like Herpes, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Gonorrhea, HIV, Chlamydia and Syphillis are risks associated with sex in general, also in the RLD, but the incidence is so rare as to be nearly non-existent. As we do not have the medical expertise to cover this serious topic to the level of detail it deserves, we will not go into more detail. It is a good thing to educate oneself with objective, unbiased and non-politically motivated information, and neither this site nor posts on our message board are the way to obtain it.

Additional Information

A concise overview for protection is, Sexuality Org: On the same site you also find a longer version, and other information.The U.S. Center for Disease Control:

There are no laws on where, and how often girls should be inspected. Upscale (expensive) clubs normally have their own rules on how often girls should submit to medical examinations, and which doctors to use. Many girls at the clubs also voluntarily have themselves examined at regular intervals. The RLD girls we have been in touch with, normally also have regular checks, but they are not required to do so. Why? For the simple reason that the incidence of STD’s amongst prostitutes is as low as the incidence amongst the population at large; mandatory checks for prostitutes are unacceptable unless they are mandatory for all sexually active people.

The examinations that are required in upscale clubs (YabYum, for example) are largely for the sake of maintaining a "classy" reputation, as much a part of the show as the plaster statuettes, gaudy furnishings, and uniformed maids...something to impress the well-heeled clientele.

The sensible and rational laws regarding the sex scene in Amsterdam’s RLD and Clubs mean that there are almost no girls being forced into the trade for the purposes of exploitation. I.V. drug addiction is virtually non-existent. The women are independent workers, do not suffer from low self esteem, and they are not victims in any sense of the word. There is a strong health care awareness, and it is easy and a normal thing to get support from state health care. This social and legal infrastructure has lead to a low existence of STD‘s. The use of condoms ALWAYS for ANY contact is the rule because it is well known that the transfer of body fluids is a risk. Safe sex is always practiced.


Q: Is it OK for me to bring a lady/escort to the room?

A: Yes, there isn't really any trouble with this in Amsterdam, if you don't disturb anyone. Along with the usual tourists brochures located somewhere in the lobby, you'll often find a selection of brochures from local escort agencies.If you're in for an all night experience it may be more appropriate to book a double room, rather than a single with it's typically *very* narrow bed.

Q: Is it OK for me to smoke in the hotel room?

A: If you feel unsure ask the hotel staff. If you think you won't bother anyone else with the reek of smoke it will be ok; but if the air conditioning is lacking/non-existent you may smell up the whole hotel. Be sure to open a window, too, if that is possible.


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