Rio de Janeiro
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil’s second most populous city, sits on the Atlantic Ocean in the country’s south. The topography of the land makes Rio one of the most unique cities in the world and easily recognizable. One need only mention Copacabana and Ipanema to conjure up images of bronzed bikini-clad bodies cavorting on the beaches. Rio is also a place of extremes as the ultra wealthy live within a stone throw of the most impoverished inhabitants living in hovels clinging to the hillsides. The people here speak their own dialect of Portuguese. While many can communicate in Spanish, surprisingly few speak English.

The country has had its share of ups and downs. With plenty of natural resources, a large labor force and a well-equipped military, a few decades ago it was poised to become a world superpower. Unfortunately, greed, corruption and scandal put an end to that dream. However, the devalued Brazilian currency makes a holiday in Rio an affordable alternative to Europe. At the time of this writing, one Brazilian Real was worth about $0.31USD

There is one feature of Brazil that makes it unique in the world; its people have the most diverse genetic mix found anywhere on the globe. Back in the 1500’s the Jesuit missionaries did a good job of converting the indigenous tribal people to Catholicism. However, they did not fair so well in protecting them from the colonists who enslaved, and then interbred with the natives. With its ever-increasing appetite for cheap labor, the Portuguese imported African slaves. They not only provided an ample workforce, but the women also served the other needs of the male colonists. After several generations, the Brazilian people were looking very different from their forbearers. Add to this mix a generous influx of Italian, Spanish, Polish, German and other European immigrants (not to mention a large Japanese contingent) and you end up with the greatest melting pot the world has ever known.

The Brazilians have a very relaxed attitude toward sex; everyone does it and no one gets uptight. Many cariocas (inhabitants of Rio) are sexually active in their early teens (we met plenty of young women who became mothers in their mid to late teens). Furthermore, with overcrowding, numerous people sharing a single-family dwelling and no privacy for sexual pleasure, an industry has sprouted to support the needs of the locals. You may notice motels and hotels with names like Sinless, Amore and Bambina, decked out in red hearts and cupids. This is where couples go to play.

Adult Entertainment

While prostitution in Brazil is officially permitted, pimping is unlawful. This means, that with a few notable exceptions, the working ladies are independents. There is no red light district as in the Netherlands, but there are other venues where the women ply their trade, namely the beaches and the clubs. There are four basic choices for finding a lady to entertain your needs: Termas (spas), strip clubs and dance clubs, escort operations or the beach.

The Termas are your sure bet to a good time in Rio, but they are also the most expensive option. In the Terma, you hang out in a bar wearing nothing more than a cotton rob while dozens of scantily clad ladies dance or chat with you. Once you’ve found one you like, you head off to a private room where you can spend some quality time together.

The strip club is basically a strip club with the sort of shows you’d expect. The big difference is that most of the girls are willing to leave work early to provide you with some additional entertainment. The dance clubs are pretty much the same thing, except the girls don’t work for the club, they just show up to dance, have a good time and earn some spending money.

The beach is the most interesting place to meet a companion because you not only get to see here is good light, but there’s so much to see that you’re liable to suffer from sun stroke before you even realize it.

In Rio, most of the action takes place in the Copacabana area, particularly around the discothèque Help.


The Termas (Portuguese for spa) provide a unique bar experience. There are not many of them of Rio, but there are enough to keep you more than satisfied. Entrance to the Terma will cost you around 50BRL. You are assigned a locker key to wear around your wrist and are led to the change area. Doff your duds, climb into the white terrycloth robe, slip into the shower shoes and you’re ready to party.

Termas are popular locations for Rio businessmen to let off steam after a day at the office, so you’ll find a reasonably well-equipped shower area with a sauna and steam room. Many Termas have an ancillary room where you can escape the action, but we doubt you’ll end up there. After you change into your rob, you’ll be guided out to the bar where you can relax and have a drink.

The bar, like most nightclubs, is poorly lit. While the lighting conditions makes the girls look more attractive, keep in mind that it probably makes you look better too. The music is usually very good, sometimes under the control of a DJ. There’s a bar at one end of the room with benches and small tables along the mirrored walls. There’s usually a small dance area at the other end of the room but the girls end up dancing wherever they happen to be. Some Termas have a bit of a floorshow occasionally. You probably won’t notice much of these details as your eyes will undoubtedly be attracted to one or more of the score of scantily clad young ladies in the room.

The Terma girls range in age from 18 to mid twenties, although there are some Termas with ladies in their early thirties still working. The girls range in beauty, but they are all in the 6-10 category (yes, there are 10’s in the Termas and we don’t give out 10’s very often). It is their looks that get us drooling. The mix of European, African and Native American breeding creates a bewildering variety of beautiful women.

The girls wear as little as possible when they’re in the bar. Typically they’ll have a beautiful bikini no larger than a couple of postage stamps held together with dental floss. You might also find a few dressed in lingerie. The girls tend to cluster together talking in small groups, but they’ll have their eye on you. Chances are, they won’t approach you unless you make some lingering eye contact. (Mind you, we did find one Terma that did it’s best to assign a girl to you.) If you give her a wink or some other such gesture, she’ll smile and be at your side in a moment.

Meeting a girl in a Terma can be challenging as so few of them speak English. You might manage a few words between you, but if you like her attitude, you can start by buying her a drink. Show your key tag to the barman and the cost is applied to your total account (don’t worry, the dinks are reasonably priced if not downright cheap).

Choosing a girl is the best part of the experience. While you attempt to verbally communicate with her, feel free to use body language to get your message across. Stroke her back, fondle her bum, try a few practice kisses and she’ll return the favors — sometimes with her hand sneaking beneath your robe. Don’t worry; a careful look around the room will reveal numerous Brazilian men lounging on the benches with their gal prepping them for the more vigorous activity later.

At some point, your girl will suggest that you might like to visit a room, a cabine. Taking her here will cost you anywhere from 150BRL to 200BRL for an hour of play. Mind you, that’s a full hour as you’ve been covering the foreplay in the bar! If you are so inclined, she’ll check on the availability of the rooms and lead you away as soon as one is available. Some evenings can be crowded so you may have to wait as long as an hour. We never minded this, as it was another hour of smooching with our girl.

The cabines range in quality depending on the Terma. Some have little more than a bunk with a mattress while others have a lovely little mirror-lined room in which you can enjoy the young lady’s company. Most of the rooms are equipped with a shower so the gentleman will give himself a good wash down before and after the main course. She’ll be fully equipped with all the necessary tools of the trade. For one hour, you and the girl have the place to yourself. The phone will ring at the appropriate time so make sure you keep your watch handy.

When you leave the girl, she’ll go off to get cleaned up while you can head for the steam room or back to the bar. When she returns, she’ll usually join you for a few minutes more hugging and kissing. Don’t try to detain her though; there are other gentlemen awaiting her company. Of course there are other ladies anxious to meet you too, so feel free to pick a new gal and start all over again.

Termas usually open around 4PM and close near midnight. Most of them are closed on the weekends. Do some research if you go because finding the Termas will require some additional research.


We didn’t spend too much time in the clubs as the Termas were just too much fun. However, for the sake of research, we did visit a few. There are a number of strip club cum show bars in Copacabana. They don’t normally open until around 9PM, but stay open until at least 3AM. The first we encountered was a small bar with half a dozen girls and a single male client. With drinks going for 15BRL, we decided to introduce ourselves to the rather average looking ladies and then bid them adieu. Some of the other strip clubs proved more interesting, including one with a live sex show (and believe us, this couple was really into it).

While we met other gentlemen who routinely hired girls away from the bar for an evening, we decided to look into the notorious Help Discoteca located right off the beach at Copacabana.

Although it opens at 11PM, most revelers scurry in just before midnight when the entrance fee jumps from 15BRL to 25BRL. Large round dance floor is surrounded by plenty of schmoozing space where you can watch the action. A large mezzanine runs around the top so there’s plenty of space to sit and watch as well. The music is good, the drink prices are reasonable, and the ladies are hot.

It is our learned opinion that Brazil has some of the hottest dancers out there. After an hour of watching these ladies groove on the dance floor, we were near exhaustion. However, we did manage to get down with a few of the girls once we had been pried from our perches. These girls love to dance. They’ll dance by themselves, but they much prefer to dance with a guy, preferably one with a bit of spending money, preferable one who is willing to part with some of that money.

The Help girls are all working girls. True, we did meet a few that were there for a good time, but 99% of them are looking for a guy with cash and a comfortable bed. If you find one you like, ask her how much for the night. If you look well off (e.g. older), she might hit you up for $200USD or more for the night. If it’s early, she may only want to go for an hour or two for a lesser price. However, if you negotiate well, you can often get a girl to return to your hotel for 100BRL to 200BRL. Keep in mind that the better looking ones charge more, but imagine getting a Playboy bunny quality gal in your room for a night for the cost of taking the family to Disneyworld for the day. No comparison.

There is a large resto-bar right in front of Help. This is an excellent spot to people watch … OK, girl watch, as the women cruise around or have a drink while waiting for the disco to open. If you find a gal that interests you, you have nothing more to do than give her a wink and a hello and she’s at your side. You might luck out and avoid Help altogether.

The other option open to you at night are the girls who line up on the street looking for a ride. We didn’t have a car so we never explored this option. We leave it to you, gentle reader.


The beach is one of the most entertaining venues for your dollar. Unfortunately, you do have to spend money here as you can’t just dump your stuff on the beach and go for a swim. Your belongings will soon vanish. Hire a beach chair and umbrella (yes, you need and umbrella as you’re too damn white and you’ll burn, believe us, we write from experience). There are numerous vendors on the beach providing chair and drink service. Choose wisely as you will get ripped off more often then not. Confirm all prices beforehand (think of it like negotiating with a kamer girl).

The most interesting place to be is in the area near Help and the Othon Palace Hotel. Many of the women who cruise the bar at night spend their day basking in the sun here. Walk around smiling, when they smile back, pull up a chair. If you buy her a few dinks, you’ll have some pleasant company for the afternoon and possibly into the evening. Some of the girls are willing to pay a daytime visit to your hotel for a quickie if you’re both so inclined.

Love Motels

Some rent by the hour, but the better ones rent rooms in blocks of eight or twelve hour shifts. These places are designed for one thing and one thing only: sex. As a result, they can be very beautifully appointed with mirrors all around the firm bed, large bathrooms and excellent shower facilities. For a bit more money, you can get a room with steam room, sauna, hot tub, small swimming pool, big screen TV and a view overlooking the ocean. We only managed to visit two such hotels, but were most impressed with both. One hotel VIPs, provided a sex chair in each room. If you have never tried a sex chair, you really must. We intend to make it our mission in life, much like the Gideons and their bibles, to have a sex chair in every hotel. Yes, it’s that good.

Lower end establishments will charge around 50BRL for a standard room while a deluxe suite (nicer than anywhere we’ve ever lived or rented) goes for around 300BRL. If you find a special lady and want to give her a treat, take her to a nice love motel and spring for a deluxe room.



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