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Sites of Interest

It's become very apparent that quite a number of travelers use AXXXTW for much of their travel information and planning when coming to the Netherlands. The primary focus of AXXXTW is and has always been the Walletjes and Amsterdam and all things happening here, but we can't exclude other useful information which we think a visitor may find useful.

Some of the links given will make your life easier, some may even make it more interesting.

Please let us know if you encounter any dead links.

Accommodation (Long term)

Rots Vast Group
A Dutch site, with English version, with branches in most Dutch cities and towns. From past experience, they work well, but as the market is so damn difficult in the Netherlands, be sure to butter them up real well. That can make the difference between waiting two months for a flat or waiting two days for that bargain you never thought it was possible to find.

Amsterdam House
If you're planning a visit of more than a week and desire a great apartment or houseboat, these are the people to see.

City Mundo
Looking for a temporary apartment? An online catalog of properties to rent around Amsterdam, searchable by location or price-range. Find a place you like, and request it online. If available, a deposit is then required to reserve it, but what is not disclosed until you've actually paid the deposit, is that the balance is payable in cash (upon arriving)---we think it'd be nice to know this up front. Now you do! Other than this not small item, we like City Mundo quite well, have utilized it ourselves for guests, and are otherwise well pleased with their fast, professional, hassle-free approach to a service that is much requested.

Housing Partner NL
Many great apartments are available here as well---a minimum 2 months stay is required.

Wonen Digital
In Amsterdam opportunities are scarce for people who want to live in the city. People who are looking for a reasonably priced house have to comply with the rules set by the Amsterdam authorities, the Stedelijke Woningdienst (SWD). This site explains the whole story and provides information resources.

Amsterdam Neighbourhoods
A few of the local neighbourhoods are showing up with websites, these sites are handy for gathering historical and cultural information as well as current events and agendas. In Dutch.

The info contained here doesn't entirely conceal the fact that there isn't much of interest in this neighbourhood except its small red light district and the Albert Cuyp Market.

Includes links to other numerous sites about the Jordaan, an area soaking in history and yuppies.

The square around the Waag---a variety of bars and resto's and stands offering flowers, vegetables, and on Saturdays an open-air market offering lots more. Right down the street from the Wallen.

 De 9 Straatjes
It's not really a neighbourhood, it's a marketing initiative. The picturesque streets that lie between the Singel, Herengracht, Keizersgracht, and Prinsengracht, now known as "the 9 streets' are home to a variety of interesting shops, tea-rooms, galleries, and cafes. For the record, the streets are: Reestraat, Hartenstraat, Gast-Huismolensteeg, Berenstraat, Wolvenstraat, Oude Spiegelstraat, Runstraat, Huidenstraat and Wijde Heisteeg, and when asked to name "the 9 streets", hardly anyone in the city knows all of them.

Nieuwendijk Online
A webcam of the busy shopping artery is of marginal interest on this marginally interesting site---basically a directory of all the shops on the street. A searchable directory is included as well.

The oldest quarter of the city, the shipping quarter. Today, the sailors are gone, but it's still the home of many great restaurants, pubs, and shops. And Chinese.

 Eastern Docklands
The Eastern Docklands, built at the end of the 19th century, was abandoned by the shipping companies in the 70's. It then became home to artists, counterculture types and houseboat dwellers. In the 90's the housing crunch in the city prompted this area to be redeveloped. This ongoing gentrification has worked out relatively well, it's provided an attractive new area in which to live, one with it's own unique ambiance, if you're feeling really charitable. This website provides a comprehensive guide to an area well worth taking the time to explore.

A database of cafes throughout the country is maintained here. Names, addresses, phone numbers. Like a telephone book, but this is better--- because it's on the Internet!


Gouden Gids
The Dutch online Yellow Pages.

The former national telecom company, KPN, offers in the Tools section of it's website a searchable phone book and all international calling prices.

If you plan on being in Amsterdam for more than a few weeks, and you're one of those types who makes a lot of phone calls, or you wish to be available to others while you're about and about, you can save lots of money by purchasing an inexpensive pre-paid mobile telephone. Often you can pick up a phone for under € 50. You can call and receive globally, and if your visit to the Netherlands is going to include other countries in Europe, in many of them you'll have full access. It's very convenient, but be sure to add sufficient credit to your phone before leaving the Netherlands, as finding venders in other countries can be a bit problematic, but you can always have your phone unlocked, which will simplify the task of buying prepaid credits abroad.

Computer Shops
On the Ceintuurbaan near the Pijp/Ruysdaelkade red light district is an area known locally as "computer plaza". All the shops listed below are located near each other---for choice and selection this is the place to go when you need that USB thingamabob, or anything else. For those with both "shopping" urges to scratch, stroll over to the Ruysdaelkade and scratch that other itch as well.

(Also located in Amsterdam centrum near Koningsplein)

Dry Cleaners

Stomerijen (Dry cleaners)
Search by city. Find out how to remove stains, and other pressing issues. In English and Dutch.

Dutch Drugs Policy

The City of Amsterdam: Public Policy
Public Safety, Drugs, Prostitution Policy

Dutch Drug Policy
From the Ministry of Justice

Dutch Language and Culture

Learn Dutch
A handy phrase to introduce yourself to all of your new friends, especially the ladies of the RLD, you can learn here: "Hallo, Ik ben Hans Brinker". This online language course features audio clips to help you learn vocabulary, basic phrases, and pronunciation of this most difficult of languages.

The Alternative Dutch Dictionary
You've mastered the Dutch language, the next thing you'll need to complete your education are the nasty words and phrases, but only so you can avoid inadvertently offending anyone by accidentally using some of them. Heh heh. Drooggeiler, Een nummertje maken, Eiken; find out what they mean, impress your friends!

The UnDutchables
This couple is a funny one. They can sometimes seem too mean when pointing out the little Dutch details that make them quirk, but most of the time they hit the bulls eye. The UnDutchables present an observation of the Netherlands, its culture and its inhabitants, by the expatriate and for the expatriate. The first thing to read after landing.

The Rijksmuseum
This is where you go to gawk at the "Nightwatch" by Rembrandt. We prefer the dollhouses.

The Keukenhof
The Tulip fields, seven million bulbs, open every April. All the colours of the rainbow. Like Benetton, remember them?

The Tulip
Read about the bizzarro phenomenon of Tulipmania. Then compare and contrast to it the dotcom meltdown, if you're prone to making such comparisons. We are.

Amsterdam Heritage Architecture
Tour historically important structures in the city. One of our former homes (it was a dump) is listed, which has nothing to do with the fact that this is a great site. It just is.

Amsterdam Fund for the Arts
The Amsterdam Fund for the Arts, title should be self explanatory.

The Defense Line of Amsterdam
This site gives an overview of the history of Dutch defense systems, with an emphasis on the pre WW2 variety, earth-dug and stone constructions, and the like. It's not as big a yawn as it seems. Satellite imagery and many photographs of present-day Amsterdam are included, as well as many links for general tourism. Available in English.

Fetish and Alternative Clothing
A fetish agenda can be found on fetish lights, now a paysite but still with a little free content, good links, and party agenda. Absolute Danny and Demask, both located right in the middle of the Wallen are quintessential Amsterdam institutions. The other two listed are in Rotterdam, they offer different products and the staff is friendlier. All offer custom-made outfits and mail order service. The greatest souvenir from the Netherlands: latex underwear!

Absolute Danny
Your Choice
Your Choice/Netherlands claims to be Europes leading adult mail order house, if hardcore CD-Roms, videos and magazines are your thing. Order online, but please keep in mind that your order is subject to whatever silly laws your country of origin subjects you to.


Population: 16.1 million (UN, 2003)
Capital: Amsterdam; seat of government: the Hague
Major language: Dutch
Major religion: Christianity
Life expectancy: 76 years (men), 81 years (women) (UN)
Monetary unit: 1 Euro = 100 cents
Main exports: Metal manufacturing, chemicals, foodstuffs
GNI per capita: US $23,390 (World Bank, 2002)
Internet domain: .nl
International dialling code: +31
Leading touristic website:
To the top
Guides and Indexes

An excellent quality, hand crafted adult portal with high standards. Only the best and most useful links are selected and maintained. Visitors are encouraged to add their own reviews and ratings to the sites on offer.

Largely based on the material available at the old, late and lamented World Sex Guide, this site has gone well beyond that by now, and offers ambitious new material for the worldwide sex-tourist---it's become very good, indeed.
A very good, selective index of quality adult oriented websites. Sites are reviewed and rated according to quality and content by discriminating individuals of taste. The descriptions, in our opinion, are accurate; we certainly like what they write about us.
Search engine


14 Feb Valentine's Day - Valentijnsdag
21-23 Feb Carnaval
08 Mar Women's Day - Vrouwendag
10 Mar Harvest Blessing - Biddag van het gewas
01 May Labour Day - Dag van de arbeid
04 May War Dead Remembrance - Dodenherdenking 1945*
05 May Liberation Day - Nationale Bevrijdingsdag*
09 May Mother's Day - Moederdag
30 April Queens Day-Koninginendag
20 Jun Father's Day - Vaderdag
15 Aug Armistice Day WW2 - Einde Tweede wereldoorlog*
21 Sep Princes' Day - Prinsjesdag*
04 Oct World Animal Day - Wereld-dierendag
03 Nov Harvest Thanksgiving - Dankdag van het gewas
05 Dec St Stephens Day - Sinterklaas
11 Dec St Martins Day - Sintmaartens
15 Dec Kingdom Day - Koninkrijksdag*
* Days when the the Dutch flag is flown on public buildings and some private homes.

Internet Cafes
The Internet Cafe scene has been chaotic the past few years. This was not due to the industry-wide downturn by any means, but by the over saturation and predatory business practices by one megasized non-Dutch company: easyEverything, now entirely defunct. Many very fine and stylish establishments were driven out of business---what remains is below.

Café Freeworld
Nieuwendijk 30
Internet cafe-coffeeshop. Remodeled May 2000. Cannabis allowed.

Cafe Tops
Prinsengracht 480
Internet cafe-coffeeshop.

easyEverything Internet Cafe
Reguliersbreestraat 22 (near Rembrandtplein)
Opened late May 2000, it was claimed as the worlds largest internet cafe and with 650 terminals they were probably not exaggerating. However shortly afterwards, it' was "downsized", with less than half (276) of the original terminals remaining, a market occupies the space formerly occupied, while a video place fills out what is left. lt's all it by the hellish light of incandescent tubes with all the warmth and charm of McDonalds---with matching employees. It's a nightmare, if you ask us. Hours: 09:00-22:00, 7 days a week.

As of December 18, 2005 easyEverything, the former "world's largest internet cafe" at Reguliersbreestraat 22 is kaput. It was a major flop, as we predicted here sometime ago, An empty hole is all that remains. We can't say we're sorry.

Other locations:

Damrak 33
Hours: 09:00-22:00, 7 days a week.

Leidsestraat 24 (also closed)
Hours: Mon 11:00-19:00 Tues-Sat: 09:30-19:00 Sun 11:00-18:00

Internet City
Nieuwendijk 76, Near Centraal Station tel: 020 - 6201292
100 pc's in an EasyEverything style setting, but it's not them. All in a similar pleasant environment! Pickpockets abound, so watch your stuff!

Kabul Young Budget
Warmoesstraat 38-42
Several computers complete with webcams are available at this location owned by the hostel.

The Mad Processor
Bloemgracht 82
Near Hotel Pulitzer. Open 02:00-24.00, closed Mondays.

The Waag
The old brick pile on the Nieuwmarkt dates from 1488; it's the oldest secular building in the city, originally serving as a city gate. Today it is the home for The Society for Old and New Media. There are seven free computers available for surfing and email only, the browser design is their own, but the mini keyboards and trackball mousepad can be very annoying. If there are people waiting, you limit your use to thirty minutes, but it's all free. They also provide a wireless hotspot in the immediate vicinity.

Leidseplein is apparently a free wireless hotspot---if we ever get around to checking it out, we'll let you know the details.

This site provides wireless hot spot locations throughout the Netherlands, unfortunately they also install a whole load of spy/spamware, plus a browser hijacker, simply by opening the page. Be warned.

Living Here

Amsterdam Weekly
Now largely unread, no one in the city cares about this rubbish paper, especially the posers who work there.

The Amsterdam Hague Times
Another new English language weekly available all over town---this is where you'd turn for stuff NOT concerning culture, arts or entertainment---politics, social issues, financial news, etc. The paper seems to have some problems---it may be out of business.

The name for this site comes from the term "expatriate". To the soft headed, those who use words like "expats", the word has acquired an aura of cheesy romance and glamour. What it means is this: emigré, emigrant, tax exile, deportee, refugee, extended stay foreign worker. In general, these people don't really wish to be living abroad; they're doing it for the money, or they have escaped from something. Execution perhaps. They rarely have an interest in melding with the local culture, blending in with it, expanding their cultural horizons; they're blind to all that. They seek out and herd together with others of their kind and complain, moan, and whine about: the food, the weird toilets, Zwarte Piet, smoking, the locals ( "Can you believe how these people dress?!"), the pee, the dogshit, all those petty deprivations and hardships they endure in their life as "expatriates". What most of them need is a boot up their arses. They host several forums on their Message Board which provide a very nice example of all of this, by the way. The English language translations of local news are of interest.

Amsterdam Stun
The cyber-rag version of the meat-space rag. The value of Stun? It carries current rave and gig listings for the various venues around town, and it's in English.

Via Via classified ads
The online version of the funny yellow newspaper full of classified ads. Some bargains can be found, from the apartment close to the beach, to the car you can actually afford from saving food stamps and returning beer bottles. A lot more is there, of course, in the new and revamped site - except the yellow colour we grew to love.

You're living here. Legally. Congratulations! Now the bad news. Unless you're independently wealthy, you'll need a way to pay for yourself. This A'dam based site contains a searchable data base of employment opportunities, both here and abroad.

Legal and Useful Information

Our banks, mostly in Dutch, but everybody in them will talk English just to get your money.


Passports and Visas and Official Stuff

EU nationals, US and Canadian citizens holding valid passports are entitled to stay for up to 3 months. This is the official word, but in practice the Netherlands tends to be more flexible than other EU countries. Upon arriving at passport control one is usually greeted with "Good morning" and a smile, rather than the rude grilling and suspicion usual at other destinations. How civilized!

Stock Exchange Portal
The simple way to get your news and stock quotes from AEX, and the site doubles as a good financial portal, at least for dummies like us. In Dutch, but fairly easy to understand, most links will have an English version.

OHRA Insurance


The Press
Algemeen Dagblad - national, daily
NRC Handelsblad - national, daily
De Telegraaf - national, daily
De Volkskrant - national, daily
Trouw - national, daily
Het Parool - national, daily
Amsterdam Weekly - English language arts & culture, weekly

NOS - oversees the country's three national public networks
BVN TV - external TV service for Dutch-speakers abroad
RTL - commercial, operates RTL4 , RTL5, and RTL7channels
SBS - commercial, operates SBS6, Net5 and Veronica channels
AT5 - Amsterdam and region

NOS - oversees public radio stations, including news and information station Radio 1, music network Radio 2, pop station 3FM, cultural station Radio 4
Radio Netherlands - international broadcaster, language services include English
Sky Radio - popular commercial FM station, continuous music
Radio 538 - popular commercial FM station, pop and dance music

News Agency
Algemeen Nederlands Persbureau (ANP)

To flash, or not to flash? Amsterdam's reputation as a clubbing centre has attracted a host of big name DJ's. Amsterdam's clubs usually open around 10 pm and, by law must close promptly at 4 am during the week and 5 am weekends. The best nights to go out tend to be Thursday and Saturday.


Dansen bij Jansen
Mainly a student age hangout. Conventional music styles--- disco, pop, house. 

De Duivel
Amsterdam's only hip-hop club

Hotel Arena

Paardenstraat 17. (no website) (no phone)
Split-level club in an alley off Rembrandt square. Music is mostly R&B, with the dance floor downstairs, bar on the first floor.

Jimmy Woo
New and very hot, but very difficult to get past the door nazis. Supposedly opening a sister club in NYC.






Sinners in Heaven

Music | Jazz, Blues
Jazz has always been popular in Amsterdam: many of the great jazz artists have lived in the city, including Chet Baker, who died here "falling" out of his hotel window at Amsterdam's Hotel Prins 1988.

Maloe Melo
Lijnbaansgracht 163,Tel: 020 420-4592
For many years, Maloe Melo has been the Amsterdam home for the blues. Music every night.

Korte Leidse Dwarsstraat 115. Tel. 020 626-3249. Every night of the week. Near Leidseplein

Lange Leidse Dwarsstraat 64
Near Leidseplein

Bimhuis, Centre For Jazz And Improvised Music
Oude Schans 73-77, Tel: 020 623-3373 Box-office: 020 623-1361 Twenty-five years and more than three thousand concerts after the opening night in October 1974, Bimhuis programming continues to play a significant role in the development of Dutch improvised music.

Bourbon Street
Leidsekruisstraat 6. Tel. 020 632-3440
Blues. jazz. Open late--till 4am, 5am on weekends.

Jazzcafé 't Geveltje
Bloemgracht 170. Tel: 020 623-9983
Free entrance. no food. brown jazzclub. In 2002 27 years old. The best jazz/jam sessions and workshops in the prettiest part of Amsterdam!

Spuistraat 2. Tel:020 521-3000
Live jazz 6 days a week in the center of Amsterdam. Stylish jazzclub with mezzanine restaurant overlooking the stage.

Music | Movies

TMF Axe Nightguide
The Music Factory (TMF), the TV channel, has the most complete guide to dance events and clubbing in the Netherlands. In Dutch but easy to understand. Nightguide
Even more comprehensive, but even more Dutch for you to deal with. Enjoy!.

View the season's programme, book tickets, and enjoy the Amsterdam concert hall with the celebrated accoustics.

Theather and Concert Online
Like music? You want to know who, where, and when? You want to purchase tickets? You'll want to go to this imaginatively titled site.

Movies Online
Like movies? You want to know who, where, and when? You want to purchase tickets? You'll want to go to this imaginatively titled site. Deja Vu! They reserve tickets for you, just collect them at the ticket booth and stop fearing those queues.


Amsterdam Webcams
If you've been looking around for a site that has a vast array of fascinating and original peaks into the lives of the natives and their city, this isn't the site you've been looking for. What you will find is a small selection of cameras set up in the usual places, showing the usual things; streets, canals, living rooms, offices, bored people sitting at desks, and truly fascinating things such as: The Cat-Food Dish Webcam Page - Winner of the September 1998 Pan-European "Waste of bandwidth" Award. Okay!

Bruno J. Navarro Photography

Included here are a couple of interesting hidden camera shots of the window girls in the Red Light District, as well as other examples of the work of this Santa Fe, New Mexico based professional photographer. While you're there skip on over to's World Wide Photography Sites, we think the title explains what it's about.

The Amsterdam section is updated daily by members of Flickr---you may even find a few of our own snapshots here. May we suggest that you open a free account, upload your own Amsterdam photos, and share. Details are available at Flickr.

Koningsplein Webcam
Off and on live streaming video with sound provides hours of viewing of this enthralling intersection---when it's working properly. Seems it's off again.

Amsterdam, Vibrant and Colourful
Exploring the Dutch Countryside
Two short narrated videos, RealVideo or QuickTime.


Iens Independent Index
An independent and reliable restaurant guide. It's got one of the worst names ever devised by man for a restaurant guide---despite that, it's quite good---the best we've seen, in fact. Covers Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Den Haag, Utrecht, Maastricht, Groningen. Restaurants are searchable by area. Informative reviews are included, as well as reader submitted comments---some deemed unfit for "official" inclusion, but brought to you anyway for the fun of it in the One-Liners feature: "Don't eat outside under the tree in summer or you'll find yourself eating pigeon shit"


Atlas Amsterdam
On the site you'll find a very usable map of the city. The simplest way to find a location is to enter a street name and address, alternately, select an approximate area of the city from the drop down box, or just click the default map to enlarge if you have a sense of where things are. When the selected area loads into the window, you'll be able to navigate around in it, and zoom in for close-ups. Approaching maximum zoom, street names and addresses appear. If you zoom in on the Walletjes area you can locate exact cabins, solving forever most of the mysteries concerning the whereabouts of Sandra, Martina, Annie, etc. Printing is available directly from the browser.

Amsterdam Hotspots
Eating, drinking, smoking, sleeping, clubbing, sightseeing, red lighting (ahem), museuming, gaying. Museuming?! Gaying?! Okay, we couldn't think of another way to add those words and "ing". Silliness aside, Amsterdam Hotspots is the other best guide on the net to the city of Amsterdam. They also graciously carry the old version of our RLD Photo Tour, so don't write to us, they have our permission ;-)

Durante Imboden's Europe for Visitors
As of October 2001, this site, formerly comprising the European travel portion of has gone independent. The Amsterdam for Visitors portion contains twenty-four pages of links to everything from hotels to hemp, hosted by professional guide Durant Imboden. Why the piece on Amsterdam by T.V. bland-meister Rick Steves was migrated along with the useful and accurate information is beyond us. It's a hoot, and begs the question: Has Steves actually noticed anything he's seen on his travels, or is he too busy condensing the world into stereotypes and cliches? Reinforcing stereotypes and prejudice is not what good what travel writing is about, it's the dominion of hacks, of which Steves is one of the court jesters. Recently Steves was in Amsterdam again, doing more filming for his silly programmes, and staying at the Toren Hotel. In exchange for a reduction in rates, which all media people think that they're entitled to, he told them he would send them "lot's of business". "But we're always full, nearly every night!", he was told quite truthfully by one of the Toren sisters, who has finely tuned radar for B.S. Europe for Visitors also contains nearly 2500 pages of info on other European destinations, and no, we haven't waded through them, we take their word on this.

Minnesota Public Radio
Bad Taste Tour of Amsterdam
"It's all so wrong! In the name of decency get rid of the drugs and hookers and make Amsterdam a great place to live. But they're way past that" So says their fuck-wit reporter, Cash Stevens. The irony of his first name was probably lost on this American buffoon as he toured the RLD.
Their ethics are as shoddy as their reporters as demonstrated by the theft and defacement of our photographs, all to tart their page up with material. Yes, we're feeling homicidal. This Savvy Traveler segment aired on Minnesota Public Radio in 2000.. What's up with British and American media...besides near xenophobic provincial mindedness, terminal stupidity and bad hair cuts? Oh, and by the way, they did finally pay for the theft of our photographs.

Rotterdam, Capital of Culture
Arts and culture agenda

All About Houseboats
No title appears on this Dutch hobbyist site, but our title describes what it's about; it's a good resource for those who are interested in the subject of houseboats.

Mee In Mokum
What a great idea! Retired people spending their winter years giving tours, making use of all those lifetimes of accumulated knowledge, which can be booked through this agency. And it probably adds many years to the lives of the oldsters, unless the stress of leading about whiney tourists has an opposite effect.


NS Train Journey Planner
The Dutch Railways have put online a domestic and international train journey planner. The domestic planner is very effective in presenting train routes and schedules for all Benelux destinations (and there is an up-to-date page with railway construction works and planned delays.)

Airport Information
The website of Amsterdam's airport, with links to duty free shopping and to all things happening in Schiphol, such as, well, plane arrivals.

KLM Netherlands
For those wanting to fly out of sunny Nederland, the English version of KLM's Netherlands website is a good starting point. Easy flight schedule consultation, easy bookings, meal selction. Just give your CC number and you are off! The ticket is waiting for you at the Ticket Pick-Up desk in Schiphol, but show up in advance as many many people use this service; it's a smart idea.

ATP Tickets Online
This site works. Unlike many e-tailers that are shoddy operations, this one is backed up by a physical presence at the airport, where you can pick your tickets if there is no time for them to get delivered by mail to your home or hotel. A good and clean user interface generally allows you to find the best deals to be had out of Schiphol.

A French technological showcase is their high-speed trains, they're known by different names according to the destinations they serve; TGV, Eurostar, and the Thalys. The Thalys provides high speed service between Amsterdam and Paris in just 4 hours.

International Trains
Provided by the Dutch Railways, you can use this site to plan trips throughout Europe.

Location Finder
Find your way around by entering postcodes, etc.

Sex and Prostitution

In 1987 two Dutch women opened the worlds first specialized condom shop. The handsome shop is a cornucopia of novelty condoms, the more normal types are available too and they will happily answer any and all questions; size, type, allergy, or even, "What's these nubby things for?". Artwork to the theme of safe sex adorn the walls of the shop, located naturally in the Warmoestraat. It's not to be missed.

It's much improved now---congratulations to them. As we said until recently: "With the condom button theme and cartoon prostitute artwork (reminiscent of American van art of the 70's), we think this site, from a presentation standpoint, shoots itself in the foot. For a site with a serious purpose, not much is done to increase the dignity of, or the publics appreciation for the dignity of those who choose to work in the profession. It is possible to be both fun and informative, without being vulgar and trashy" 
Lot's of info about safe sex practice is one of its highlights. In Dutch.

De Rode Draad (The Red Thread)
One day in 1985, several working and former prostitutes decided they wanted to do something with all that they had learned, and to lobby on behalf of the rights of prostitutes, de Rode Draad was born. An administrative branch was later opened, Prosex, which offers services designed to help women cope with the paper work involved in being self-employed, negotiate more favourable conditions with pension funds, tax offices, etc. The name "red thread" is said to come from the fact that prostitution is the "red thread" that runs throughout society.

Alkmaar Red Light District
Mainly of interest to any lady thinking of working the windows of Alkmaar, and like the previous site it's fairly cheesy. On the other hand the district here is a fine place, we estimate about 150 windows, and anyone planning a day trip will be well rewarded with a visit to the very pleasant town of Alkmaar.

There's not really a good reason to go to this site. If you do, you'll find a tiny bit of info presented about the Doublestraat in Den Haag, tucked in amongst the porno site design and ethos of stolen graphics, potty humour, and ghastly midi "music", that if you're unfortunate to have your speakers set at a high volume will blast you out of your chair. There are worse sites, but this is the worst site we list

Not much is here, in this it reflects Groningen perfectly.

Sex Work and Sexual Exploitation in the European Union
Very useful information regarding sex work in Europe, but a surprisingly poorly designed site.

Prostitution Information Centre (P.I.C.)
P.I.C. exists primarily as a vendor of RLD trinkets, T-shirts, awful paintings and other artworks created by relatives and cronies of the founder, whose only goal, as is well known in the community, is to continue to pose as a source of information to the clueless media, whose only real interest is in interviewing a former prostitute. Working prostitutes have no interest in the media.
Recently they have added the title "Wallen Winkel" (Wallen Store) to their shop window and have nearly eliminated the reference to the place as being a "prostitution information centre".
Most working prostitutes have never even heard of P.I.C., whose proclaimed purpose is to educate and serve as a resource to both the public and prostitutes, to see prostitution fully accepted by society as a professional calling.
It would seem that their chronic inability to obtain sufficient state/city funding, which has reduced them to a tourist spectacle, is an indication of how brilliantly they meet that goal. In their office they've built a pseudo full-sized replica of one of the cabins, for those who are curious but are too shy to actually go down the street and visit one themselves. They are located just off the Warmoestraat at Enge Kerksteeg, next to the Oude Kerk.

 Lover Boy
A serious problem in the last few years is the phenomenon of loverboys. Beautifully designed site complete with comic strip.
Antwerpen, Belge

All about STD's!

Janot Entertainment
Janot is the owner of Casa Rosso, Bananenbar, and the Sex Museum, among other delighful enterprises. Unlike the commercial porn-portal that is (pop-up windows on close), at this site you'll find the real entrances to information sites maintained for the above mentioned attractions, but don't expect too much.

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