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My Berlin Experience
Posted: 2017-03-15, 1:20 am

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Thought I'd drop this post to share my recent experience in Berlin and get some advice from other people who have been there.

So, I was in Berlin in early January of this year with about two days to kill.

My hotel was right near Kufurstenstrasse, which I was told had many of Berlin's street walking girls. From what I had heard they weren't of the best quality, but I decided to take a look anyways. Besides seeing a massage parlour and a burlesque club there was nothing really of note there. I think the lack of girls out on the street was probably due to the fact that it was early January and freezing cold, but anyways, was worth a shot.

After my little search around the area I headed back to the hotel and found that Caligula was the closest brothel. In my mind I had been deciding between the King George and Caligula since the all-inclusive thing sounds amazing. Anyhow, after reading some not so great reviews about Caligula I decided to just walk past it to check it out. From the outside it looked a little seedy and empty, so I decided to pass it by (judging by more recent reviews about the place this was a good idea).

SO, determined to make the most of my Berlin trip I figured it boiled down to King George or Artemis. Both had fairly positive reviews, though in different ways. King George, from what I read, was good cost-wise, but you get what you pay for. Artemis was top notch, and again, you get what you pay for.
Being that this was my first time, I decided to head to Artemis. The club itself was very clean, and unexpectedly nice. Almost like a resort/spa. The girls there were even better. The only real detriment to the club is the expense of the drinks, but if you get a good enough buzz beforehand it shouldn't be that much of a problem.
By the time I got in I was pretty drunk, but still nervous since it was my first time. Had a couple more drinks and took in the sights. After finally deciding on a girl (a beautiful Colombian) I went upstairs and did my thing. Looking back now and reading other reviews I know I definitely got robbed (figuratively). I ended up paying 500 euros for an hour, with anal. Seemed expensive at the time, but I was too drunk and excited to really care. She had a fantastic ass, which I ate for a good 20 minutes, did some facesitting. The bbj left something to be desired, though she gave a great body on body oil massage.
All in all a great experience, but I will be much wiser next time as to how and how much money I spend there.

Now that I've shared my experience, since I'm returning to Berlin at the end of this month I had a few questions for those of you know the scene a little better than myself.
Is Kufurstenstrasse worth wasting time on? Prices are supposedly very cheap, though I imagine quality is very low.
Any thoughts on King George? What can I expect there? I think Artemis may have spoiled me at this point, though the pricing of King George is appealing. I won't ask about Caligula, since everything I've read seems pretty negative.
With regards to Artemis, I know I got fleeced. Returning to Artemis with some experience under my belt what should I be expecting price-wise for 30 min, an hour, and anal?
I'm also curious if anyone has any experience with the Anni Porsche or other gangbangs in Berlin! Would love to hear some advice if anyone has any, since I'm interested in checking one out.

I know this is long, but hopefully some of my story will be useful to other people, and I can get some advice from you more experienced users in return.

Re: My Berlin Experience
Posted: 2017-03-16, 10:28 am

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Thanks for sharing JT. I'm headed to Berlin this spring and busy doing research on FKKs and also cannabis. I've read good things about Artemis. Any tips on acquiring or using cannabis would be appreciated. I'd prefer not to solicit cannabis in a public park, if possible.
Re: My Berlin Experience
Posted: 2017-03-19, 8:11 pm

420 Power Kat
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Yikes,,,500 Euro is overkill for one hour. Each up-sell is about 50E (BBBJ/Anal) plus the 30 minute fee (50E-75E,,even at 100E you should have paid max 300E for what you got.

Lesson learned.

Pura Vida
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