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Galicia trip report - December 2017
Posted: 2018-02-11, 12:37 pm

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First of all sorry for the long post.

So I got a free day on Galicia (Vigo and Santiago de Compostela - Spain) and decided to give myself a treat for such a good boy I am.

I want to give you a brief review of the trip preparation, might come handy for some of you guys.

a) The girls are in flats, called "pisos" there are unsuspicious apartments around town with a few girls each. In some you can choose the girls in other ones every room is rented by a girl that works independently. The places were I have been are shit holes, truly SHITHOLES.

b) you can find the girls through online adds

c) the adds are always changing so there is no point on giving you numbers or so, you need to check and choose the girls the 2-3 days before the trip.

d) the photos are NOT of the girls, the basilian girl i got has real photos but my guess is that 90% of the pics are fake. You'll need to call ans judge by the voice...

e) they might give you wrong addresses, the real "piso" is near the place they'll give you on the first call but you only get the real address once you are at the door. This is not always this way but I guess they fo this because of the neighbors.

f) The fee is 50€ for half an hour 100€ for one hour. most girls suck with no condom and they are very liberal on the cumshot etiquette.

g) Always tell the girl: "I'm going to see you/the girls if i don't find what I like i will be on my way". And this last point is very important.

I was on Vigo a sunny day of December and called for a 20 year old girl, I got to the piso (the real one was on the other side of the street) and been introduced to a ugly 30+ emigrant form guatemala or something. So I decline and move on.

Next call, I called a Brazilian girl, she was not working at the time and asked me to wait 30min for her. So I did. I called near the flat and she was just arriving so she waited and we got the elevator together.

Lucky me and we passed by neighbors on the way in. We ignore each other wish is a very strange thing to do in Spain so no question that people must be thinking I was leaving my sister at work of something like it.

Dina is has a very easy laughter and around 27 yo, short, big curves, but to fat, nice brown skin how is suppose a Brazilian to be. We got up to her quarters, truly a shithole, a big old dark apartment with lots of doors. she opens one to this small room with a bed and a lamp on the floor. Besides that, she's really talkative, In fact she looks more into me than I am into her. She undresses that beautiful tropical breasts and I suck them. Man they were nice! Cloths come of and I tell her (for her little disappointment) to put the condom before start sucking.
She sucks long and nice, I get a huge bonner and she tells me that she likes my dick, tells me that it's long and pretty. I'm used to that kind of comment on my 20cm pole so I just grim and put her on all fours.
Her pussy is tight, really tight and I'm on sexual starvation for a month now so I have to think about David Bowie last videoclip to control myself. Her back skin was so soft, the ass, a bit big but perfectly round, made for sex, made for that kind of dirty doggystyle. Well, poetry apart, we passed to missionary so i could give her a look and play with that gorgeous tits. Not a minute has passed and I'm trying to picture the Queen of England in topless to avoid the ejaculation.
I explained her that my fetish is ejaculation on the tits, and ask if it is a problem. She says no, but I must be care not to spill it over her face.
So I show her how i like it. I sit on the bed and she kneels on the floor in front of me, my dick pressed between that mounts of sin. Lubricant comes on (has she can't lick it, she says in sorrow) and she puts a hand over it so she don't get any jizz on the face. And I slowly start rocking it.
Now, that little golden crucifix that hangs on her neck.. will it be protected or will I get and express ticket to hell for ejaculating on a cross? No time for answer the philosophical question because yours truly comes hard, really hard. She controls the flow exceptionally well and gives my a nice "well done smile" wen I finish. Nice team work I say.

That afternoon I make my journey to Santiago de Compostela. Nice place if you like churches and penitent stuff, but I had my share of crucifixes that day and I was looking for another kind of fun.
Wen I was I boy I once went to southern Spain and gazed at that gorgeous loud girls on clubs. I always wonder how would it be to make love to such a divine creature. The better I got on that days were a few kisses under the blazing lights of the disco and I cherish that moments in a very special place over memory lane.
I called a few numbers to find one of those girls... At the phone the girl tells me that she has a Spanish 22yo girl available on the flat and I make my way to a residential building 20 minutes on foot from the people asking forgiveness from their sins over the cathedral.
The door opens and a blond girl shows the way to a awful dark flat, she's very nice, fitting the profile I am looking for, she could be a little younger, but she dresses a red dress, a tattoo rises on her shoulder and disappears underneath. I can see her little erect nipples thru the dress, she's slim, agile with small perky tits and ass, and a nice smile that warms my heart (I'm always a bit nervous on this kind of stage) Lucia is her name. I ask her, Are you the girl? you working? Yes, she says, but I'm not the girl you ask for.
Now we are on a small room with pink light, a big confy chair and a bed, a tv is on, well the black screen is on and a bit of static noise comes of it (i'm really a detail guy). So I tell her, let me see your friend, but maybe i'll choose you if it's ok. She agrees and goes out from the room. a few seconds after a girl comes is. She's a young brunet, with big floppy tits, a bit fat for my liking. I can see she's nervous wen she asks " do you like me?" Now, I really can't do it if the prostitute is more nervous than I, and I want to see the rest of the tattoo, take my apologies girl, and call Lucia for me please.

She enters the room and I pass her the 50€, she smiles for the money and I smile back, thats the deal, she takes of the red dress, the tattoo goes all around her right breast. Her beautiful, perky, breast. I just love her small perfectly round pink nipples.
I lay on the bed and she puts the condom on and starts sucking, really fast, making a "mha! mha! ,muaha" sound. I tell her kindly to stop the sound and teach her the rhythm I want, she asks me sorry and tells me that she's used to do it that way.
She has pre-lubricated her pussy so I can play with her clit wile she sucks. Now she's making it just right. I was starting to think she was ready to make me cum ASAP and in fact she cares with the quality of her service.

But I can't wait much longer, I must have her. so i put her on all fours, she was guiding my dick in and I was putting some pressure on it and has a result it goes all in at once, a rip de bandage kind of think. She gives a little jump because i beat the rear wall of the vagina but it's all good, we started and once again she tries to speed up, but alas I show the right pace and she goes with it, I also ask her to stop the "Ah! Ah! Ah!" and she resumes a more sincere moaning.
After a few deeper trusts i notice the i can easily touch her cervix with the tip of my dick, she gives a little jump like "that's too deep" but dosen't show any displease. I've met a flew girls like her, in the doggy i can actually get to the bottom of their vagina, <and ome seem to like it.

I ask her to turn around and go for missionary. Now i really enjoy her body, know what i mean, really enjoy that beautiful tattooed breast, that soft wite skill, her eyes were closed, softly moaning, dam sexy!
Wen i could not hold it any longer I asked if it was alright to cum on her tits, she said yes, and I remove the condom and sit beside her, rubbed my dick on that nipples and drop some hot jizz in between. Classy Shit!

That's all folks! please share your thoughts and sorry to long ass post!
Re: Galicia trip report - December 2017
Posted: 2018-05-05, 12:45 am

GiovanniPollioSupporting Member
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Late thank you for a very nice trip report :)
Glad you had fun!
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