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Vienna - Maxim Club
Posted: 2018-09-13, 9:24 pm

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Has anyone been? I am going to be in Vienna for a few nights next month and found the place online. If anybody has been, I would appreciate it if you could lay out the process. Is it similar to a brothel in Nevada?


Re: Vienna - Maxim Club
Posted: 2018-09-14, 10:12 pm

weasel9x9Supporting Member
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It's in the main part of the city, south of the ring road, near the successionist building.
I did not get a chance to visit, but have heard it is expensive.
300E per hour range if I remember correctly.


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Re: Vienna - Maxim Club
Posted: 2018-09-24, 7:29 pm

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Personally I think you are better off visiting Goldentime instead (they have a nice website to visit). You pay 70 euros to get in all day, free food and soft drinks. The food is surprisingly good. It's clean, the main room is large with nice showers and best of all 30-40 girls. Mostly eastern European but they all speak English and many are very pretty. Just about every shape and size. They charge 60 euros for 20 minutes of covered S&F (most don't really watch the clock). Everything else is extra. It's not in the city center like Maxim, but it's still in the city itself. An easy and short cab ride or you can take the tram and a short walk. I've done both ways, the cab is easier and not expensive. Of course the tram costs next to nothing. Maxim is right in the city center. However they don't have nearly as many girls and it's very expensive. Give both a try and let us know.

As for the process, at Goldentime you pay the entrance fee head to the locker room. Put your clothes in the locker, put on the robe and take your money to the main room. There is a bank of smaller lockers for your money so you can access to it without having to go back into the locker room each time. The key they give you is numbered, and works the corresponding numbered locker in the locker room and main room. Head back in, shower, put on your robe and go into the main room to relax and partake. The girls are normally walking, sitting or laying around completely naked. At this point just find a place to sit, relax and watch to see who you want. Many of the girls will come on to you, but they are use to being turned down so don't feel bad if you want to wait or want someone else. If you see someone you want, just wave at her. She will come sit, talk a little bit and ask if you want to go to a room. If you do, just say yes. She will lead you to one that's open and afterward take you to that small bank of lockers to get paid. They don't expect a tip, but you can if you so choose. Shower and repeat as often as you want. I'm usually there for 2-3 hours and take 3-4 girls. Of course I usually go three or four days in a row too. It's not Thailand, but it's pretty damn good.
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