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Prague trip
Posted: 2018-10-02, 10:28 am

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Been a while since i have been on these boards, have been a great source of info in the past so only fair to drop a report on my time in Prague.

Decided to try a few different places while here, went to K5 Relax many years ago so tried some others.

Walked around to locate the well known places in the centre, Darling Cabaret still open, but pricey so given it a miss. Opposite is the Sauna Bar Prague, the guy outside handing out fliers said it is an FKK club, havent tried it, website is saunaclub.cz.

First stop was for a massage, lots of these places to choose from just doing a google maps search helped to find them, and i mesaged one place, Number One Massage and they said it was ok to head over - seems most of the massage places prefer it if you make an appointment rather then drop in.
There were about 7 gils available when i arrived at 8pm, mostly dressed in jeans, t-shirts, not scantily clad, mostly youngish girls, late teens, early twenties at a guess, i picked Victoria, Ukrainian, nice girl, pretty. All the girls i would say were 7's or 8's. I went for a 90 minute tantric massage which was about €100. Lots of oil and body to body, hands, very erotic, very sensual, this girl really new which buttons to press, and finished with a happy ending.
One notebof caution, you pay for the time in the room, which includes before and after shower, the massage itself was not 90 minutes, barely an hour in fact, but i didnt mind it was so good.
Not sure if you can get more (they will do prostate massage and foot job for extra), but didnt ask if anything else was available.

Next stop was Neon Club. Neonclub.cz. This one is a full on sex club. Opens at 12 and i went about 2pm. Free entry, you can just sit and have a drink and leave, or pick a girl and have some fun. Not many working at that time, 4 or 5, and like the massage place, all dressed normally. 12 until 7 is happy hour so cheaper rates as well, somi chatted with Evita who took my eye, from the website she is 27, from Slovakia, broken english, but good enough. Said i would want full dfk and daty, she said 1000czk for daty and 600czk for kissing. What the hell i thought. I paid €117 for 90 minutes with a jacuzzi included. Had to buy the girl a drink, champagne, obviusly at 600czk. Went to the room and paid her for the extras, may be a bit kuch but it was sooooo worth it. Really hot session with her, lots of kissing, touching, anywehere and everywhere, got all i asked for and it felt like a lot more than 90 minutes. Very relaxed, not rushed, no clock watching, and the full 90 minutes with only getting shwered and dressed once the time was up, with a few more kisses for good measure as we said goodbye. Ok, extras may be a bit much but a great place all the same.

Next up was another massage, i like them, sensual and erotic. I decided to try Ilandra - ilandra.com - whatsapped them to make an appointment and was told 3 girls working (it was 2 in the afternoon and raining). I could have oicked any of the girls, all sexy, and i want for Lejla, russian, not sure of age, but maybe 20. I went for the 2 hour wrotic massage for 4000czk. Like the previous one she really knew how to turn me on, and as we got more into it she let my hands wander over her body, tits, nipples, and when she didnt stop me rubbing her pussy i kept on whenever she was in reach, but not let me out my fingers inside her, but she enjoyed me rubbing her clit. One very hot girl and a wonderful time spent with her, happy ending again, and like the last one, was not 2 hours massage, more like 1 1/2 hours, but that was fine, such was the enjoyment. She said to me that the things she did, or more i did to her, she does not do with everyone (the way she licked and kissed my ears was wow) which i replied yeah, of course not, but she seemed sincere in saying she doesnt, only with the ones she really likes, hmmmmm, maybe, maybe just a lure to get me back, but overall a top massage.

Having read a couple of reports on AAA Exclusive club thought i would give it a go. 300czk entry, includes a drink, girls introduce themselves, must have been 7 at 9pm, scantily dressed, more flrsh on show here, the its a case of talk to the girl you want, they will not come and talk to you, you have to make the move. I decided to chat with Adele, young, petite, slim. The girls would be 7's, 8,s maybe. We chatted, the almost standard buying her a drink, ok then, but more chstting and she did not kiss at all, and daty would be an extra 3000czk. Errrr, no. She said other girls might do those things, but to be honest i was not wanting to chat with every girl and find the one that would do what I would like, and decided to leave. Worth it to check the plave out and no doubt good times to be had, but i just didnt get a good vibe for the place, so left and headed to the Neon Club again.

A lot more girls on the late shift, more scantily dressed, one was pole dancing. I like the fact this is free entry, you can get a drink and just watch then leave, or stay for some fun. It must have been 10pm when i got there, looked at the girls and one came and sat with me, Naomi from Ghana. Now, i have never been one for black pussy, but chatting with this girl got me in the mood, hot body, long long legs, slim and sexy. Bought her a drink, as usual, asked about kissing and daty, yes to both, no extra charge this time. Ok, 90 minutes €158.
Shower together at start, touching, then onto the bed and she was straight into it and in no time was giving me a covered bj with her pussy and arse on my face, and she loved having her arsehole licked, and fingered, so i obliged. Lots of oral, sex in multiple positions, touching, a great girl who was really into it, and lovely company. She was a mixture of PSE and GFE. Again , seemed a lot longer than 90 minutes, and no rushing. Clock watching, justa a call to say times up, then into the shower, a bit more touching then dresssed and off. When i saw the time was 00:10 when we finished i thought ut must have been more than 90 minutes, it felt like it, but either way a great session.

I would say so far (two days to go), the massages have been great, but the stand out is Neon Club by a country mile. Maybe i got lucky with the girls, but 2 for 2 is good going, and i will be back again before i leave, and if you find yourself in Prague check this place out, even if you just stop for a drink it wont cost you much (a sprite was about €3). It does label itself as th best place in prague, and i cannot argue with that so far.

Happy days

I was never an alcoholic, merely a drunk. I was never rich enough to be an alcoholic.
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