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Alkmaar RLD Summer Trip
Posted: 2018-10-07, 10:44 am

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Alkmaar RLD Summer Trip

1) 70 euros + 35 euros extension

Alina (Romania). Long, dyed bleach blonde streaks in her naturally blonde hair.‘Dream Girl’ look about her and certainly potential for a PSE. Said she weighed 45-48kg and that is very believable indeed! Petite, gorgeous young thing. Enhanced DDs or more breasts, the sight of her big fake tits are to die for, especially with her super tight body and overall package. Super tight pussy and responds well to flattery/compliments as well as a larger wallet!!!Alina is tanned and has a very strong Eastern European Porn Star look about her.
Finished in CIM w/ CD.

2) 70 euros

Andrea (Romania). Brown haired with a dyed blonde streak. Natural, massive at least a DD knockers. Very hot, young, delicious, busty mummy look about her.Breasts were very soft and supple to touch and suck on.
Very good, long, covered BJ, slightly rough but that was exactly the way I liked it. Came in CD in BJ. Nice girl. Would definitely repeat.

3) 100 euros

Alina (same as no.1)
Longer, relaxed session with a massage included. PSE. Came in doggy style. Awesome. Great, fast CG. Wished CG lasted for longer!

4) 70 euros

Andrea (Romania) Same as no. 2 session. Very friendly, softer and even longer BJ. Finished with covered BJ again. Very nice and accommodating girl. Will be back to see here again for sure.
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