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Eastern Europe?
Posted: 2024-05-02, 7:02 pm

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anyone tried their luck in Eastern Europe? how's the scene over there?

hungaria, kosovo, Albania, romania, moldavia, serbia, bosnia and so on...
Re: Eastern Europe?
Posted: 2024-05-05, 11:37 am

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I can at least my my .02 cents on Hungary.

Long story short, prostitution is legal in Hungary, the laws (not the trade) are strict. RLD's, Brothels, Clubs, etc. are illegal so avoid any establishment with the promise of sex (strip club, erotic bar, etc.) because you will get ripped off.

At least around Budapest there are a few streetwalkers in areas outside of the city center. You will need a car to get there, and they are mostly gypsy women, so not really advised.

Where you will find the majority of the action is on szexpartner.hu / rosszlanyok.hu

It is a legit and very well thought out website. You can select region/city, age, ethnicity, weight, kinks/fetiches, etc. Plenty of girls to choose from that list their contact info and availabilities. The only thing that is not listed (unless specified by the girl herself in her self-written intro) is the rates.

I make this point because If you speak English, you bet your ass you will be charged a higher rate - if they respond at all. If you don't speak Hungarian and they don't speak English, you are likely to get a non-response.

So I suggest you always ask how much in Forint (HUF). I've saved 80€ because one time the girl gave me a € figure at first, 200€/hour. Standard rate here in France for an escort. When I asked her the HUF rate, she didn't bother to convert 200€ to HUF and gave me a rate that equaled 120€ !

I've met with a couple of women in Hungary through the websites, but only after sending out text messages in Hungarian to multiple women with a standard script along the lines of: "Hello! I saw your post on Rosszlanyok. I think you are very pretty. Do you speak english?".

Surprisingly, I would say 80% did not respond.

Anyways, that's what I have to say about Hungary. A lot of people think that Hungary is some sex capital because of all the porn in the 90's but that is long long gone. I like to window shop, so the RLD's in Belgium/NL/Germany are way more of my thing.
Re: Eastern Europe?
Posted: 2024-05-11, 6:52 pm

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thanks for your reply. some good info there!
strange that you don't get a reply as a tourist...? foreign businessmen are usually gold for the ladies in any other area of the world.

well Im getting to eastern europe this summer I guess. this week Im going to amsterdam for a few days but I feel I like im loosing interest more and more for that city.

btw Riga / Latvia is rather good. however a RLD area doesnt exist as far as Im aware of. many girls though for about 150-200E on eurogirlescort etc. some really hot Russians and surprisingly many latin Americans. hotels are half prices compared to Amsterdam / London etc. city in general is rather boring.
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