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smoking apts
Posted: 2017-03-07, 2:38 pm

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hi all...hoping to travel to Amsterdam in April but can't find any apts that are smokers friendly..any suggestions?I've been on Amsterdamstay but no joy,any hotels that allow smoking ?any help much appreciated,thanks.
Re: smoking apts
Posted: 2017-03-07, 6:43 pm

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i used to love the funky chickin alas that is shut down now and absolutely no good to you. there used to be a bunch of smoking apartments just off de wallen, again i forget the name of the organisation but they had a few sites around the city. this was quite an expensive option though.

might not fall into apartment territory but pretty sure the greenhouse effect has an apartment / hotel for rent. voyagers too, has a hotel as part of the coffeeshop, although this is usually in pretty high demand as voyagers seems somewhat revered by stoners who visit the dam often.

porno creep
Re: smoking apts
Posted: 2017-03-09, 9:52 pm

nyc diesel
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I'm a night smoker, in Amsterdam and at home in Manhattan.

Are you open to using a vape? It eliminates a great deal of the smoke and odor. Obviously, ingestion of space cakes is risk-free is you enjoy that option.

Last few trips, I just smoke hash in my hotel room, usually in the toilet or by a window. I have an "appetizer" of weed outside before I settle in to sleep (I was staying right near Vondelpark a few months ago, so risk of annoying anyone was minimal).

One woman lit up a cigarette in a 'no smoking' room in a brothel and told me all the no-smoking laws were bullshit. Not sure if that's true. Three years ago, weed or tobacco use was a fine and ejection from the hotel. Last stay, at the Piet Hein, they only threatened a 150 euro cleaning fee, which seemed more rational (in an irrational way).

Good luck and keep us posted.
Re: smoking apts
Posted: 2017-03-16, 1:02 am

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The monk apartments based up on monikenstraat are smoker friendly. Expensive option in comparison to hotels but if your heading with friends it works out much cheaper to split the cost. The guy who owns them is very friendly and doesn't really mind once the place isn't reaking of smoke when you hand it back over. So to leave a window open here and there or smoke out on the balcony or decking is advisable and a nice option to have too!
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