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Rip offs and girls with poor reports....
Posted: 2017-04-10, 10:49 pm

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So....I've been drinking....and thinking....
I have been "studying" the girls section and been making plans for who to see and who to avoid etc.
Some days ago it hit me that, maybe the girls respond/behave differently depending on how the guy looks like?
An old fart gets treated a certain way (upselling, lies), a fatty is treated in another way and maybe, the girl with "bad attitude" is a sweet one and "good provider" to a guy with good looks?

I'm relatively new on the scene....only fucked three girls on the RLD (and some from different private houses).
I didn't know of the "interview" that needs to be made......so I guess I've been lucky. 2/3 where 50€ and naked with s/f and multiple positions. One didn't take off her top (which made me confused....why wasn't she naked?? Well, i fucked her but it felt a little weird).
Anyway.....i have never been a target for an up sell (and I never tip).
I'm not saying I look like Brad Pitt or another handsome Hollywood dude (well, he is old now, so a young Brad Pitt) but I look quite ok and I have a lot of tattoos and I'm not fat (not skinny either....)

My point being (are you guys ugly fatties? Kidding)...am I way out of line here or do I have a point?

In three days I'll be there! Looking forward to it!
Re: Rip offs and girls with poor reports....
Posted: 2017-04-11, 12:25 am

grimnul Power Kat
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Really depends. I'm sure there probably are some girls who are that way, but in my experience most of the really bad rip off girls are just committed to being miserable bitches to anyone unfortunate enough to cross their doorway. They seem to resent their customers and are completely in it for the money, and just don't want to like the guys they're with.

That said, I'm not a small dude and I've never been turned down or felt like I was treated badly because of it, and one of the things that makes the really good girls great is that they'll treat anyone well as long as you're respectful to them.

As for why you never experienced any rip offs, well, A. I think the number of rip off girls does tend to be a little overstated here, there certainly are a bunch, but if you look at the hookers.nl map, most girls seem to have at least a decent rating, and B. sheer dumb luck to not run into any of the De Wallen Deplorables.
Re: Rip offs and girls with poor reports....
Posted: 2017-04-11, 9:50 am

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The one rip off girl I visited seems to be a "rip off" regardless of the day. She seemed to just want to get every guy who visits her in and out as fast as possible. She did really rough oral on me, so much so that I had problems maintaining an erection. So therefore she gets me out faster and moves onto another guy to pull similar crap on.
Re: Rip offs and girls with poor reports....
Posted: 2017-04-11, 10:53 am

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Honestly I don't think I'd want to visit a girl who treats guys differently depending on how attractive/young they are even if they did treat me favourably; it's just not a good attitude to have in this line of work (OTOH, totally understandable if a guy has poor hygiene or is drunk or disrespectful).

Still, I think most ripoff girls are ripoff regardless of who visits them.

As for how many ripoffs there are; this is somewhat subjective depending on the level of service each guy expects. My first several encounters were escorts, which lead to quite a disappointing first few RLD encounters. Then I later learned these encounters were actually quite good by the typical standards of the RLD; I'd just set my expectations way too high based on previous experience.
Re: Rip offs and girls with poor reports....
Posted: 2017-04-11, 3:34 pm

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I agree that a rip off girl is probably a rip off girl to most guys. I have been in the rld a few years, since I was 29. I go to the gym 4-5 times a week and have been for many years, what I mean is I have a good physique. I care alot about my apprearance in general, very particular with clothes and hairstyle etc. I have been ripped off even after asking all the right questions and I have not been ripped off even when I didn't ask anything. I have been sober, drunk and fucked up high while this has happened. So I think it really doesn't matter, if it's a bitch it's a bitch. Who looks good and not is of course subjective to each girl, but you get my point.
Re: Rip offs and girls with poor reports....
Posted: 2017-04-11, 4:38 pm

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Thank you for all responses! Interesting to read, and you all are probably right, a rip off is a rip off regardless of the looks of the customer!
Re: Rip offs and girls with poor reports....
Posted: 2017-04-13, 11:02 am

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I did once get rejected from a window girl. She said that she was sorry and that she is one of those that only accept higher payers. I feel like she pushed me away so that she wouldnt do the upselling cause we talked before and chemistry was nice and we even joked abit.
But one easy way to notice if a girl is gonna upsell you or not is when you talk with her for the first time.

1: If she is chatty and jokes then she is golden. I tend to avoid those that immediately goes into "50Euro S&F"-mode. (Unless i know but dont care cause she is amazing etc :P).
What i mean is, when she is too straight forward, doesnt even listen to your questions or doesnt give you the answer for what you asked. Thats usually when i leave and say i might come back at another time.
BUT VERY IMPORTANT TO NOTE: You should always be very respectful because some does not know english very well and that might be why she responds like that.

2. "Gut feeling". Does she seem sincere? There was a girl that i saw which was like described above. She seemed to be nice though so i gave her a try. Lets just say i did not regret it.
Some girls tend to go at the people walking by as if people were made of gold. Those girls is something you wont miss if you see it happen infront of you. Its like they speak a word to you if you don´t say yes within 3 sec they ignore you and start trying to bait in someone else. (These are like the extreme cases i guess, only seen it once or twice).

3. Don't talk her ear off at the window but atleast make sure that she has given you the prices that you ask for before you go in. Confirmation confirmation confirmation! That is key. Theres no shame in asking aslong as you do it in a gentle and a nice but confident way. That does tend to minimize the risk alot!

In all honesty, when i went to the RLD the first time around i thought there were gonna be alot more ripoffs/rude girls. For those that remembers my first trip i did mention that most girls seemed very friendly. Which i assume is because if you are friendly to them it is likely they will be too.
Don't forget, they are humans just like anyone here. Some does have worse days and some better. Giving her a compliment before negotiation can sometimes help. Just don't talk too much at the window (for her sake).
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