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Experiences for myself and my Fiance?
Posted: 2018-10-07, 1:59 am

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Hey everyone

My first trip to Amsterdam is coming up in about a week. Super excited to spend some time in the city.
I really like getting every experience possible in life, I'm young so I'm trying to see and experience the world haha. Myself and my Fiance will be together for the whole trip.
I definitely want the proper experience of the RLD if I'm going to Amsterdam, but I would really only be interested in it if I can get that experience with my Fiance.
My question is how often would a girl be willing to do a session with a Guy and his (female) Fiance and what are they normally okay with doing with other girls?
I'm a complete noob with anything to do with the RLD so as much information as you can give me would be great.
My Fiance is also pretty into girls so herself and myself would want her to get as involved as possible. Ive heard lots of stories of them letting other girls watch but this isn't really what we're looking for.
I just like going into situations informed so I don't do anything that's looked down upon or stupid.

Any tips/help is appreciated.

Re: Experiences for myself and my Fiance?
Posted: 2018-10-07, 6:11 pm

weasel9x9Supporting Member
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This topic gets done to death. Some recent reports in the swingers and escorts sections.
Some girls will turn away from you or pull curtains closed. That is a "No".
Some will motion you over to the door. Be prepared to quickly tell them what you want to do, bluntly, with details that are important made clear from the beginning. They may have no interest, and send you away. If they have interest, step inside and complete the negotiations. How much time will you spend? Who does what to whom? What is off limits? How much?
My general impression is that far less than half the window girls will have an interest. There are some that really like this, and they will make it clear to you as you pass by. Rip-offs are almost unheard of with couples, but as is the case with threesomes, someone may get less attention than they hoped for. You will pay at least double, and should be prepared for 200E for a half hour. It is a lot of money for a short romp in a loud, cramped room.
It's exciting to wander around and pick out a girl from the windows, negotiate at the door, jump in and have crazy weasel sex, but if you want to relax and enjoy, you should consider escorts. They are going to be much better about foreplay, toys, and assorted kink. You can set the scene in advance, and get a much better adventure. Do you want a quickie in a closet at a crowded party, or are you ready to spend an hour or two with an exotic beauty that comes with a bag full of toys, a plan to please both of you, experience, and a wicked imagination?
Most escorts will want a two hour minimum. Plan on 600-1000 Euros.
I don't remember if Park 118 takes couples, but it might work. They have a website, and would be a blend of the options above. 100-200 for an hour in a room with a jacuzzi.
Kinky.nl has plenty of escort ads. Quality and reliability is just like all other internet ads. Going to their place is easier than getting them to escort to yours, but both options are available. The best escorts are independent, and run their own websites, but there are some good ones on kinky.
Escort services are a mixed bag. Society Service and Courtesan Club are legit.

I hope this helps. I love watching couples wander about, and I am curious how many of them ever get beyond the fantasy/planning stage. It can be an incredible rush. If you can make this happen on your first trip to Amsterdam, you are a fucking genius, and lucky beyond belief. We want the trip report here.


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Re: Experiences for myself and my Fiance?
Posted: 2018-10-12, 8:42 am

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No Park 118 definitely will not do couples (I know from enquiring) they told me it is illegal and that includes the window girls so if you are lucky in getting what you want be careful not to disclose who it was with because according to The madam at 118 they can get in serious bother with the authorities
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