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Can someone recommend a girl that checks all my boxes?
Posted: 2023-08-21, 12:01 am

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Hello again! I have been reading through the posts and catching up on what has happened since my last visit to Amsterdam (2015).
The general feeling I get, is that not only has the RLD gone way downhill, but also the private houses/clubs. What a damn shame. My first trip to Amsterdam was MAGIC. I wasn’t a virgin, but had been with few girls, and happened to find Dutch Jennifer in my very first visit. She’s definitely the most beautiful woman I’ve ever been with, and I have been a lucky man in that I have had relationships with some pretty girls, but sadly, very few before then. At any rate, my second visit in 2015 didn’t go quite as well (it was only a layover, so had time for just one punt), and the best I could find that was close to what I like was an older lady, but alas, she was just too old for my tastes. I found out the hard way she just didn’t do it for me (not her fault, I just wasn’t into her because of her age, which I thought I could get last, but as it turns out, couldn’t and ran out of time without orgasming).
Anyway, forward to next year. I’m planning a trip in 2024, and I’m hoping I can get some leads to current working ladies, no matter if RLD, private club, or escort, that check all my boxes:
1) natural woman (I’m not judging, but have no interest in post ops or trans)
2) young and Caucasian. As young as legally allowed. Certainly no older than mid 30s. I’m just not into other races, not that there’s anything wrong with them.
3) not overweight. I don’t need a super fit girl, but I don’t want a fatty.
4) pretty face, friendly and feminine demeanor. I want a girl that smiles and can show me a good time.
5) skilled at oral, preferably deep throat
6) big boobs. I like enhanced tits that don’t sag. Porn star tits drive me wild, 1990s style if you know what I mean.
7) Blonde ladies with blue eyes are my preference, red hair and green eyes come second, but I’ll take brunettes and other natural hair colors if most other boxes are checked
8) preferably Dutch, German, Nordic, or other European ancestry.
9) extras like CIM or COF would be icing on the cake

Am I asking for too much? Does anyone know a provider that checks all or most boxes above in Amsterdam or Maastricht? I’m going there for work reasons, not that I expect a lot of options in Maastricht.

Thanks in advance! Would sure be eternally grateful for advice and recommendations.
Re: Can someone recommend a girl that checks all my boxes?
Posted: 2023-08-23, 4:24 am

weasel9x9Supporting Member
Supporting Member
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So, Jessica Rabbit with skills.
This is harder than you would think.
My personal preference is to screw the track team.
Lean and athletic. Sprinters, hurdlers and pole vaulters.
But I have run across a few girls that might work.

Alkmaar, 15 Achterdam
Young, pretty, blond. Big natural tits, used well during BJ without.
No CIM, but otherwise seems to cover most of your boxes.

#8 Tall dark blond with big fake tits

There are several older women that check all the boxes...except youth.
Elizabeth is a stunning pale skinned blond with haunting blue eyes.
All the skills you can imagine, but nearly 60 now.
Barbara is even kinkier, but must be 70!
There is a very fit blond Czech woman in the middle of ONS.
Implants, and probably 50 (VERY fit 50)

Kitty 121-4, sign in the window.
Huge natural tits, very friendly, absolutely incredible oral skills with CIM
Many extras, gets even better with repeat visits.
Black hair and glasses. Tall and strong, about as lean as you can be with natural F breasts
Anna 143 downstairs, right next to Stone's Cafe
Blond, pretty, fit. Fake C breasts. Gym rat with years of weight training.
great service, but her extras seem to be less every year.
I don't know how she treats new customers.
She treats return customers VERY well

Eva at Society service.
Mid 40's, but very fit.
Blond, blue eyes, stunning. The look you are after.
Unfortunately, all SS girls are BJ with condom. She has other skills that she is more famous for.

All BJ's at Bernds are PZC. True of almost all FKK's in Germany
CIM is possible 30-40% of the time
Skill level is tops, MANY extra's available
Maria- One of the wildest women I have ever met.
Booming body, big natural tits, brunette Romanian, many tats.
Moody, but even in a foul mood she is great. In a good mood, she will break you.
Annie-My Girlfriend. Tall lean, former model. Perfect tits.
Shocking skills. Ten visits this year, with plans for two more in September
The Bernd's nymphomaniacs are usually 40ish, but this year, there have been several young stunners.
They can't be as good as the older crew...Experience can only be earned one way... but they are willing to learn!
Lavinia is not always there, but when she is, you get a chance to screw Little Caprice's hotter blond little sister.
Both Bluto and I had the same thought after our visit this spring.
"That might be the most beautiful woman I have ever fucked."
Can you imagine, after all the romps that we have both had over the decades, that we would both come to that same conclusion.
There are a couple of very pale, big breated Romanians that you might consider. Not blond, but every other box checked.

More stunners, but lesser skills than Bernd's. 40-50 girls every day, several would meet your needs.

That should give you a good start.
If you are feeling wealthy, there are some escorts that I can recommend.
A 20something French redhead with big natural breasts and a toy collection that would impress Maxx comes to mind.
I'm not allowed to write public posts about the escorts, but you can PM me if you are ready to spend 1000E for the best three hours of sex you have ever had.

Good Luck, and be sure to write.

...running around in the shoes of a clown...
Re: Can someone recommend a girl that checks all my boxes?
Posted: 2023-08-24, 2:45 am

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I'm taking a trip there in September and would also like to know this information. I have pretty much the same preference as OP, haha. Blonde hair, blue eyes, big fake tits. If anyone has any recs, please let us know!

OP: I don't know if she will fit your bill because she's half Dutch half Spanish, but I saw Sara at Park 118 last year and she was good. I ended up going back a couple times, and I hope to see her again this trip. I did not partake in some of the things you're looking for, but I'm sure if you tip her well enough and ask her beforehand she'd be open to it. That was the vibe I got from her.

I'm gonna try to see if I can find a couple of those girls Weasel is talking about on my trip (The girls on Singel and De Pijp), possibly do a trip report. Anyone have any other recommendations please post. I'm hoping to try Diane's Secret as well (I tried last year but there was a train strike that day...I ended up just going back to Park 118 for a threesome, haha).
Re: Can someone recommend a girl that checks all my boxes?
Posted: 2023-08-24, 5:54 am

weasel9x9Supporting Member
Supporting Member
Posts: 1875
Location: cheesehead central
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I'm sorry.
I misread the original question.
I thought you were looking for natural breasts.
You are looking for a blond Barbie with big plastic tits. Smuler's girlfriends!
There are several on OZA, total optifucks. Unfortunately, costs are high, service is irregular, and total rip-offs are a possibility. I stopped shopping the Wallen years ago for these reasons, and more.
If you are brave, you can interview ones that look hot, and jump in if they pass.
I would recommend watching the room, and letting someone else jump in first.
If they stay a long time, and come out happy, jump in!
If they are out in 10 minutes, move on.
There are some skilled liars there. If they can fool me, they can fool you.

You would have liked Simona. Too bad she retired.
I would add Antonia in Alkmaar: Back courtyard, P4, can't miss her, she has a neon sign in her window.
Dark blond, fake D tits. Very nice, chatty. excellent oral skills. No matter what I have done to myself, I try to make her my last stop of the night. Turns out you CAN squeeze water out of a stone! (or something like that)

Singel is great, some of my favorites are there, but none are young. Out of 20 girls in the area, 0-2 are going to make your list on any given day.

Pijp is going to be the sweet spot. No known rip-offs. Mostly local shoppers. Oral skills are always good. Some have long extra lists. More than half of them have the look, and most have the skill. You need to spend more time there. They can be very busy. Some are almost impossible to get to see without an appointment, and if you never get that first visit, you never get the phone number. Spend an hour at Katsu, or shop on Albert Cuypstraat, and go back for another pass. You never know who will pop up.


...running around in the shoes of a clown...
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