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Philadelphia kmp trip 5/12
Posted: 2017-05-14, 3:34 am

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This is a trip report of my recent time spent in Philadelphia. Although a lot of people here will discredit mongering stateside I can assure that it can be done successfully. In a very general sense there are two types of AMPs(Asian massage parlor). Korean and Chinese. They have there obvious differences, but they also operate differently as well. Not all are FS(full service), but some cities, such as Philly, are very well documented on review boards. Both of my adventures this time are in FS KMPs. Reviews that are posted on US boards are brief and basically written in code, so I am elaborating here for you guys.

9 VIP Spa

Ducked into vip Friday morning about 1030am. This place is in a shabby old industrial part of center city. The building is an old Asian warehouse/food distributor type place and the neighborhood is bleak but pretty quiet. The entrance is just marked with the building number, an open door with a wildly uneven staircase going up. You ring the door bell and the mamasan will pull the curtain on the door window and then let you in. Once inside the uninviting exterior is transformed into a recently renovated and very nice spa. I really love this particular aspect of the philly amp scene. The mamasan leads you to one of the probably half dozen rooms. You can discuss the providers with her at this point, receive a line up or sometimes she will just send one in with no choice. The latter usually happens when they don't know you. Pricing is very dependent upon geographic location and varies city to city. In Philadelphia the most standard house fee is $60 and then a $100 tip to the provider gets you full service. An experienced hobbyist just pays the full $160 upfront with no negotiations. That's just the way it is here.

Place was quiet and mamasan gave me option of maya or joy. I had a session with maya back in December. She was great but I wanted some variety so I picked joy. Joy is a very pretty Korean girl, all natural d cups and a small bottom, she'll do fine. When joy enters the room I greet her with hug and pay her the $160. She tells me to take my clothes off then leaves the room. I put on the towel and then she comes back to take me to the table shower room. The facilities here are nice. The table shower room has two showers separated by a curtain. When it gets busy there can be two clients in here at once. Joy does a nice through table shower and teaches me some Korean along the way. Ends with a nice soapy inspection of my cock. Once completely rinsed she dries me off and then puts me in a large dry sauna while she cleans the table shower. After a few minutes she takes me back the room and I get on the table face down. Joys takes off the purple lingerie nightie type thing and her panties. Climbs on top and starts a body to body massage, using her tongue along the way. After a few minutes she ask me to flip, gets on top and we go right into LFK. Not the usual in these places, but I go with it. We kiss for a while and then she lets me suck her nipples. I'm getting worked up so I try to pull her up to my face. She answers by switching into 69. We proceed to 69 for what felt like an eternity. She puts the on cover and starts the bj and takes me to the edge twice during 69. When I stop her she goes to work on my balls. During this fiasco there is a mirror on the ceiling helping me document the entire thing. After about 15 minutes joy gets up and we go into missionary. She had me loaded up so it didn't take long before I extinguished a huge nut. Joy had me lay down while she went and grabbed a hot towel. She completely cleaned me up, cock and hands. I dressed and she sent me on my way. I go here about twice a year when I'm in town and this place delivers consistently.

I catch up with a few of my friends in town before booking a really cheap center city hotel on Hotwire. A site I commonly use here. I decide I'm up for another spa visit and call Osaka to schedule an 830pm appointment.

Osaka - https://www.newosakaphilly.com/

I hadn't been here in years, but I had my first foray into the FS scene in Philadelphia about 5 years ago at this place. The boards had informed me there is new ownership, a renovation, and the girls are hot. The location is on chestnut street in center city right by the city hall. Super busy area with a lot of foot traffic. The entrance is a non descript door just next to a burger shop. Or you can walk through the back alley to a rear entrance, my option. I knew that they wouldn't know me so I made sure to call ahead and use the back. Once inside the mamasan showed me to a room. She popped back in to question me. I look young so this happens sometimes. "Do you know how much to pay", yes. She sends Katy in. Omg. She isn't 100% the pictures, but it is close, maybe like 95%. She is hot. Actually hotter than any of the Asians I had seen in de wallen when I was there in March. Same deal as vip, I hand over the 160 and tells me to take off clothes and then comes back to take me to the table shower. The facilities here are not as nice as vip, but they are fine. Katy quizzed me while I was on the table and after a few minutes I could tell I put her at ease and she made sure to really clean my cock before the shower was over. I got very cold during the table shower so Katy took me back to the room and covered me up before she disappeared for a few minutes. When she came back she went straight into soft touch massage. I watched while she took off her skimpy dress and climbed on my back, wow she is hot. Similar to joy she did a body to body and used her tongue on my back but had me flip over pretty quickly. Katy didn't do the LFK like joy, but did some teasing with her tits that was great. Unbelievably she started sucking my balls and before I know it we end up in 69. Twice in a day! She covers me while I do daty. Her suction is strong but we only do 69 for a few minutes before she continues the cbj for a few more minutes then we go into cowgirl. Also not very typical in my kmp experiences. Only takes a few minutes of cowgirl before I unleash my second huge load of the day. We finish early so she tells me that she is going to massage me now. Im totally down with that. She starts on my back and after a few minutes of decent massage I tell her I want to massage her so we switch. She was confused but I put her at ease and we make an awesome connection after this. Her body is great and she is super tan. I work on her for a while and she eventually reciprocates with some more massage on me. We talk for a while about Mother's Day and other things. Eventually all dreams come to an end. Katy really did a great job finishing the session when she assist me in every way possible when it comes to putting my clothes back on and tying my shoes for me. This is typical of fantastic kmp service and I make sure to tip her as she was just lovely.

Great trip to Philadelphia. Peace
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