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RE: Mongering in Thailand
Posted: 2018-03-11, 12:22 pm

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2 week mongering trip in Thailand (Bangkok and Pattaya)

1st day – Rest and relaxation, older age is finally catching up on me! This whole day was just for recovering from jet lag after a flight from the UK to Bangkok. Nothing special to report.
2nd day – Stayed in Nasa Vegas (as I did the previous day), it was quite convenient to get there from the airport and it was quite a cheap hotel. I believe this is a good starting place to go for a trip. I walked around (for what seemed like an eternity until I finally picked up a decent street walker).
Her name was Apple, she wanted 2000 THB for short time (which included 1 shot and up to 2 hours). I thought that was fine and did not want to haggle as I prefer girls to get paid what they want (as long as it is reasonable) so I can get good service in return.
She had a pair of sexy 3 inch, black high heels on and a black dress. She was a curvy woman, not thin at all. She had a big butt and an enhanced D cup, which actually felt a little hard to touch. But I do quite the like the slightly curvier woman from time to time, so it was no problem for me!
Apple had black, undyed hair with fake hair extensions and the typical Thai whitening make-up powder and a darker shade of red lipstick.
Apple was not a stunner by any stretch of the imagination but she was just what I needed after a long haul flight. I would still rate her 6.5/10, possibly 7/10 with her alluring attire.
She sucked well, albeit a little too hard at times and fucked pretty decently. In between the sex acts, we both felt really hungry and we both ordered some room service (which I gladly paid for). It goes back to my philosophy of making girls happy and being a decent human being.
I enjoyed her occasional licking and sucking my balls, her licking my ears and neck as a form of foreplay and to keep up my erection. She tried her best to deepthroat too and was successful, using her tongue to seductively lick my balls.
After food, we fucked and fucked in all the main positions, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, missionary, doggy style, 69, Bombay roll, alternating every now and then with a handjob and blowjob on my request.
I was pretty tired but after a lot of pumping in doggy style and seeing her ample derriere, whilst feeling her big, fake, albeit slightly hard tits. I finally came and felt like I had unloaded a lot of stress in to her.
She quickly turned around and gave a quick clap and a cheeky smile. I liked her attitude and service. I felt I got good value for money and I enjoyed her company.
She cleaned herself up and I escorted her to get a taxi back to where ever it was that she needed going. She gave me her mobile phone number but I decided to put it in the bin as soon as she had got on the taxi and in to the distance. This was no place to fall in love or be too sentimental. As least I thought so. The cold hearted cynicism would later wear off on this trip...

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Re: RE: Mongering in Thailand
Posted: 2018-03-11, 12:23 pm

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3rd day – scout and reconnaissance. Not much worth seeing around Nasa Vegas.
4th day – Moved to Majestic Suites near Nana.
I met a street walker near Nana Plaza called Bo, she wanted to charge 3000 THB. That was no problem as I was quite attracted to her sexy, tight, low cut and short length pink dress. She also had brown wedged heels which complimented her slightly browner skin colour very well. She matched it with a glossy, pink lip stick and some pink coloured accessories on her wrists. As soon as we got back to my hotel, I whispered sweet nothings in to her ear. Tried my best to get her really wet with some gentle fingering, sucking her nipples, licking her ears.
I started pounding away at her like there was no tomorrow as she was physically more attractive than the first girl and she seemed to enjoy rough sex with the odd “Yes, fuck me harder”. Which upon hearing, made me even more rock hard.
We alternated between vaginal and oral sex and she even offered a 69, which I gladly accepted. Whilst I was tonguing her arsehole and pussy, I tried to do some more forceful fingering...which slowly led to some vaginal fisting. It made me very erect.

As we were approaching the 90 minute mark, I pounded her in doggy style until she started bleeding profusely. I do not know what it was, but in the spur of the sexual moment and the thought of wrecking her pussy with my fingering, fisting and rough fucking...I came very, very hard.
After sex, I could not move for 5 minutes. I noticed how much blood was on the bed sheets and felt a little sorry for her. I asked if she would be willing to see me again tomorrow, but she said no, that she will probably need to go to hospital tonight or tomorrow. She kindly asked for some more money for medicine, to which I quickly paid her an extra 500THB and escorted her downstairs and paid in advance for her taxi to her next destination. I wanted the phone number from this girl, but she did not give it to me.

More to follow...
Re: RE: Mongering in Thailand
Posted: 2018-03-14, 10:50 am

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Wow man, I recommend a test for yourself at the hospital after so much blood. Never a good sign.
Re: RE: Mongering in Thailand
Posted: 2018-03-17, 7:15 am

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5th day
Today was one of the best days of my life! I met a perfect, gorgeous Ladyboy who I shall call XXX. I asked her for her name twice, but her response was incomprehensible so to avoid any awkward situations. I did not probe further. We negotiated for a price and she asked for 8000THB for a maximum of 2 hours, possible multiple shots...which became more like 90 minutes. But I did not mind as the session turned out to be awesome. She was the perfect looking Ladyboy, very effeminate but not in a grossly exaggerated way. She wore a very seductive white dress which almost allowed most bystanders to stare into her crotch area! With an accompanying pair of brand new, glossy, matching 6 inch stiletto high heels – it was just divine to look at and made me rock hard. She could have quoted 10,000THB and I may still have gone for the session. She was particularly good at oral, I came in the condom whilst she was sucking my cock – this is a very rare occurrence. But it does show just how good she was at sucking, with lots of sensual, quick, tongue flicks and movements on my most sensitive cock parts.
When we went for round 2, I noticed she had a super sexy, all black, tribal design a la “TRAMP STAMP” on her lower back. This was amazing to look at, we fucked and fucked again. Her arsehole felt so good around my cock. She had prepared in advance, I am guessing she must have had an enema prior and she carried lots of lube with her to make her arsehole very accessible. I came in doggy style and noticed how much cum there was in the condom even though I had already just cum from her oral sex. I was so horny, I wanted to go for a 3rd time, she was just so physically and sexually attractive. We joined in the typical missionary position where the sight of her attractive face, long, beautiful, undyed, black hair, enhanced fake C cups and occasional moans and groans of pain/pleasure just made me unload. I have never cum 3 times in one night, never mind in one session. I actually started to feel like this girl of this kind of girl could be someone I could finally settle down with. I asked for her number, she gave me one – but I later found out it was a wrong number, she had given me a dud one. Perhaps, compared to her average customer – I was most likely “much more hard work”.

I met another Ladyboy called Angel, she wanted 5000THB. Angel was very different to other working girls I had before on this trip. She was super thin with no real curves at all and fairly tall with extremely angular facial features. She had a great body but she is the type of Ladyboy where people could definitely tell she was a Ladyboy. Her tits were also only an enhanced B cup, but coupled with her super tight body, it actually turned me on. We went back to mine and she started to upsell, blah, blah, blah. I tried to be as nice and diplomatic as I could be. When we eventually started sex, her blowjob was so rough – my penis actually felt very uncomfortable. The blowjob was a terrible, overall sexual experience. I also tried anal on her but she kept complaining of the pain, she kept screaming and shouting about how much it hurt. This actually turned me on even more, but eventually it got to the point where I just felt like I could not continue like my normal 2 hour sessions. I forced myself to cum whilst fucking her really hard in her arsehole, when I withdrew – I did notice some shit and bloodstains on the condom. For anyone who is mongering in Thailand – make sure you wrap up well. You do not want to have the risk of getting any STDs. You can guarantee that some of these girls have had an average Joe Bloggs barebacking them, or some sex depraved addict fucking them so hard that the condom burst. The session stopped after 45 minutes and I firmly asked her to leave, again this turned me on somewhat as I watched her dress up and then quickly leave my room.

7th day
Left Bangkok and travelled to Pattaya
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