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Payed sex should be an human right
Posted: 2018-02-14, 3:23 am

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Despised of the low rate of answer of the forum let me ask you this:

how many people do you know that got into real trouble because they just need sex?

I'm not talking about the guy that breaks up with a girl to get another with better ass, I'm talking about broken homes, divorces with kids in between, passion crimes and law suits, just because, someone, sometime needed sex and got to try their chances with someone that was in their social circle.

I say this because if i was keeping my Judaic christian moral and say no to payed sex the chances are that I have try to quench my thirst with someone around me, and that my friends could be the death of me.

so, for my point of view that pretty girl on the office does not worth a law suit, does not worth a broken marriage, no. That girl worth the money I'll pay to do whatever i want, when i want, with some girl with the same... let's call it "specs".

If I was not able to pay for sex i can only imagine the amount of shit I had walk into.

Many relations, many "bad" relation i mean, are based upon the need of one to have sex, to have the others attention and care, and they are wiling to pay for that, not in money but with their hearts. And that need, I can tell you for sure, is so freakin near love that no one can tell them apart.

That said isn't prostitution a needed social pain killer? will mankind not be much more happy and trouble free if our sex need were cover all the time and relations become "only" the reflex of our felling Bennett one another?

Sex should be a right to everyone, not some weird currency we trade our lives with.
Re: Payed sex should be an human right
Posted: 2018-02-15, 11:38 pm

neurosynthPower Kat XXX
Power Kat XXX
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"Sex should be a right to everyone, not some weird currency we trade our lives with."

To be morally acceptable, sex requires consent on the part of everyone involved. Therefore it can't be a "right" on an individual basis.

If everyone directly involved consents, however, then I'd agree that it should be their collective right, and outside individuals should have no say in what they choose to do.

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Re: Payed sex should be an human right
Posted: 2018-02-16, 1:47 am

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Legal availability of mutually consensual prostitution is a social responsibility...

Observing the correlation between sex crime rates in various countries (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rape_statistics) in relationship to respective legality of prostitution (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prostitution_by_country), a per capita calculation reflects that America has a 3 times and Sweden has a 7 times higher incidence of sex crime as do Netherlands, Germany, Spain, or Portugal; the later permitting sex for sale.

In my opinion, governments operating under "moral" anti-prostitution agendas are behaving contrary to their claim; in fact, amoral, by not enacting realistic policies that have been shown to reduce sex crimes against humanity. What a present mess in America is the sexual harassment "witch hunt" - the public outcry against those who weren't able to control themselves because sexual desire overwhelmed capacity to distinguish the inappropriate - I'm sure many had no intention of causing harm; though harm they had. The Rhode Island study shows that 40% of the problem might simply have vanished had prostitution been legally available.

I also suspect sexual aggression of the types recently exposed will dissipate in America for a few years hereafter as a result of #metoo awareness; but the high rate of sex crime will resurface as the underlying problem hasn't been resolved.

Statistical argument suffices to demonstrate that societies need to establish safe and controlled infrastructures to provide opportunities for we humans to satisfy primal sexual desire. Sex is as innate as eating; desires therefor being the fundamental drive by which nature furthers life on earth. You can't turn off needing to eat and you can't turn off wanting to interact passionately with another human being. As restaurants are permitted to offer food, it should be permitted for sex services to be offered in a similarly safe regulated fashion.

... Eric
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