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Project on sex work: looking for participants
Posted: 2018-09-07, 10:39 pm

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I get in touch with you due to the photographic project on sex work I am realizing as part of my photography studies. Collaborating with diverse people, I portray their personal approach and experiences in order to give an insight into the topic of sex work. Therefore I conduct interviews on the basis of a questionnaire and/or work together on a – if preferred, anonymous – photographic visualization of the personal thoughts and experiences with the people taking part.

Through my cooperation with several organizations in Vienna, I gained a theoretical insight into the topic and got in contact with women who are working as sex workers. Furthermore, I got the chance to photograph in brothels in Austria and Germany. Through the platform "Erotikforum" it was possible for me to get in touch and cooperate with clients of sexwork in order to visualize and express their personal opinions and experiences. To ensure a well-researched and comprehensive project, I would like to continue my cooperation with clients in the Netherlands as well. This is why I would greatly appreciate your participation in the project.

This being a very delicate subject, I am very aware of protecting the identity of the persons taking part. Guaranteeing their anonymity -if wished - and respecting personal comfort zones is very important to me.
It is a central part of my photographic work that every person involved feels comfortable about it and enjoys a voluntary, unbinding participation. Subsequently to inital interviews I would like to take a portrait of every person. A preferred anonymisation can be realized through back views or photographs obscuring individual parts of the body such as faces. I gladly pay attention to any other request, including more detailed information and sample images shared beforehand. A further vital point in my work is steady contact, as it constitutes a foundation of trust but also makes it possible to put in a veto anytime. A further part of the project is that the persons taking part get the possibility to take on authorship themselfes through photographing or writing.

We can meet personally or talk about your participation in a digital correspondence beforehand. I am glad about every participation and I am looking forward to hear from you.

Kind regards,
Re: Project on sex work: looking for participants
Posted: 2018-09-11, 9:44 pm

neurosynthPower Kat XXX
Power Kat XXX
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I know a bit about this kind of thing. While your subjects may want to be anonymous, you should not be. If you are for real you should want to be known, and you should want your work to be seen.

Unless you post your actual identity and provide a URL that displays your previous projects, I would not think about responding to participate.

I'm not saying I think you are illegitimate. It's to be expected that a student might not get this exactly right. But I do strongly feel you should not be anonymous.

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