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Groups of women for a Pissfest
Posted: 2023-03-22, 1:34 am

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One of biggest fetishes (aside from 40+ women, giant pussies/fisting) is piss.

On my bucket list, is to have AT LEAST 4 women to piss on me. Like a GGG film but women pissing on me (think of Princess Nikki Cruel with a group of girlfriends, or any group of German amateur mature pornstars that film together like Dirty Tina, Rosella Extreme, Dacada, Hot Moto Cat, etc.).

If feasible, I would have a scenario where theres 10+ women and film it because that is the only way I think it could happen.

When I punt the windows in Brussels/Cologne/Amsterdam/The Hague, I always ask if golden shower is on the menu. There have been days where I've visited 4-5 girls in a day and had them all piss in my mouth.

I find that some do it with included for F&S for 50eur, but most ask 100eur.

Some request 100eur ONLY for golden shower - Mostly in Amsterdam.

I'm often a bit skeptical of paying 100eur only for a golden shower because 50% of the time, the woman can't pee, or can only muster a few drops.

In Brussels, I knew a Gloria at Caprice Bar several years ago. She Italian-Albanian, around 30.
Fit body, OK face, but she was REALLY into pissing.
She wouldn't even ask how/when but instead would tell me to lay on the ground half way through our meeting, put her heels on and squat over my face, put her hands behind my head so my face was held up to her pussy and piss in my mouth.
When she finished, she would squat on cock and fuck me until I finished.
All of this for only 60eur. She barely watched the clock, I feel the entire session would last 30 mins.
I haven't seen/heard about her since before covid, but that is one of my best punts. Absolutely legendary.

My most recent experience was a year ago when I was in Cologne at Pascha on a late Saturday afternoon.

I was on the 3rd floor and spoke to an older woman - one of the only ladies on the floor. I wasn't really attracted to her (kind of too overweight for my taste), but she told me can/has the urge to pee.
I said I'll come back.
After exploring the empty upper floors, I came back and she was talking to a cute, petite younger neighbor that seemed to have just arrived. I
told her the plan and offered her 50eur to join and she did! It was very hot having them both take turns pissing in my mouth.
The younger one stuck around after and looked very intrigued (in a good way).

Sometimes I think about going back on a relatively quiet afternoon, finding as many girls as i can on the floor and offering the same. I wonder if that would work.

Anyways, I thought I'd share my fantasy and experience, I'd love to hear some advice/leads/personal experiences if anyone has anything to share.
Re: Groups of women for a Pissfest
Posted: 2024-01-27, 3:01 pm

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Not that many sex workers will do this Pissfest that you request. You can always ask, request, and negotiate at the start...

And as you say, sometimes, when it comes to actual performance - they may only be able to muster up a few drops and the wet play is very disappointing for you.
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