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Sexworkers subreddit
Posted: 2024-05-13, 12:04 am

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I have a secondary/porn account for Reddit. I love it! It helps me explore some things and engage with other enthusiasts.

A few years ago out of boredom/curiosity I looked up prostitution on Reddit and came across a subreddit dedicated to sexworkers. It was interesting at first to read from the perspective of the other side. Most of the people that contribute to this subreddit are from US/Canada.

Over the course of maybe 3-4 years, whenever I log in and scroll through my home page, every time I would come across a post from sexworkers, I have found the topic and discussion in the comments to be absolutely apalling.

These women are absolutely fucking terrible people.

Look, I know this subreddit is meant for working women to discuss their experiences/give advice/tell stories, and of course, it's a trade/profession, but the level of toxicity that these women discuss their clientele and their jobs is off the charts and so off-putting.

I think the punting game in the US/North America is VASTLY different from Europe.

I've said before I prefer the RLD's/brothels to meeting an escort, but being in France I don't have much of an option. At least when I reach out to someone, I can feel that they are either half assing their efforts, or they are a true pro.

The subreddit and the women bitching about everything on the subreddit really gives sexworkers a bad reputation imo. If you're curious, go have a look for yourself on the subreddit. I'd be curious to know what you think.
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