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BB Prive - Melanie
Posted: 2017-07-05, 1:32 am

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Hello all!

This was a first-ever experience for me, so I'm not sure how to rate this experience in the sense of a normal trip report, but I've decided to just share my experiences as my experiences instead of trying to compare to anything.

So, I attended BB Prive on a recent trip to Amsterdam. It was late afternoon, and 3 girls were in the house, although one was with another client.

I was quickly escorted into a room. The two girls were introduced. I was also offered that I could wait to meet the other girl. I selected Melanie for an hour, and we remained in the room we were in.

After stripping and washing up, we were on the bed where Melanie gave a really decent massage. Obviously not Massage Therapist quality here, but nice. Relaxing.

She turned me over...I was half-hard, and she quickly went to put on a condom. Within a few seconds it was on, and she was giving a very good CBJ. We fucked like bunnies, multiple positions, until I finished.

It was a good time, but it also felt...mechanical. Dunno, maybe that's just me buying a girl for the first time. Granted, on the same token, this wasn't SS or other top-reviewed escorts either, so I wasn't expecting the full GFE either. It lacked intimacy, but what do I expect from an hour at a Prive, regardless of where or who?

Now, I don't know if the picture of Melanie on their site is actually her. I mentioned briefly that I was on their website before I came down there, and she stated that the picture of her was old (she has ink now on her arm, nothing in the photo). But Melanie is as attractive as the photo suggests...she's a very slim, toned & tight dutch blonde. Honest 8.5-9/10. She was energetic, and at least pretended to enjoy herself too well enough for me.

It was in interesting experience...an "endorsed affair" from my significant other and I'm glad I went. 120 Euro for the hour, I didn't have any extras.

Was it perfect? Nope. Am I happy? Yep. Would I go back? For sure, assuming it was ever endorsed again.
Re: BB Prive - Melanie
Posted: 2017-07-05, 8:25 pm

nyc diesel
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Thanks for sharing your experience. I don't recall seeing a review for BB Prive before.
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