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Looking for some GloryHoles adresses
Posted: 2017-07-31, 1:03 pm

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Hello everyone,

First of all, met me appologize for not writting any reviews about my last trip to Amsterdam, I asked some question on the forum and never put a review, ffs where is my education !

Last trip was great, better than the last one since I was more confortable with the area and the atmosphere in the RLD.

I had experiences during this trip and have mixed feeling about them, let me explain :

I first met with an italian girl that claimed to be from Ukraine (huehue), I'm pretty sure she was from Italy. Anyway, does that even matter ? It's just an act and I'm quite aware of this, it's actually what attracts me to payed sexe.

This girl was amazing, her name was Guilia (I would write it that way taking in consideration her italian accent). We had a 50€ session that was really really good. She really has that sexy look and uses it with perfection, making the blowjob and sexe a hot moment you want to last more than it can. Not on the account of clock watching, but on me unable to hold it together for more than a few minutes. it was just what I was looking for, probs to the girl that must make a ton of money.

The day after that, I had one of those terrible experience, unfortunately I dont remember the name of that girl since I tried to erase her from my memories, but it's still there, just not the name...

I was just as high as Snoop dogg was after his Amsterdam concert when I walked by this windows with this tall brune girl, jesus she looked good. As it took me 3 seconds to realise how hot she could ben I decided to turn around to have a better look, I was sure now, she was pretty hot and sexual, and really TALL ! I decide to go in, or at least talk to her to make contact (which is important to spot a rip off possibility). She sounds nice, we agree on the basic stuff (for me), bj - sex 2 positions - naked - touching no kissing.

I pay her and we get upstairs ( I like the upstairs rooms, it makes it more private then with just the curtain hidding you^^) I lay down and she directly brings the condom to my lumpy dick and started the bj, without taking off anything. I'm having a bad feeling, but still get hard after long seconds( maybe a minute ?). Then I asked her really nicely if she could take her bra off, I moves her head while giving a bad blowjob showing "no"...
After 2/3 minutes of this terrible show of a BJ, she asks if I want to "fuck her for 50€ more", I ask to get what we agreed on, we all know the rest, I left salty as f...

I am sorry for the delay of my review =)

Now up to the present !

I am going to Amsterdam once again next month and I had a question for you awesome people !

For the last 2 years I have developped an interest for gloryholes after trying it 2 times, I loved it.

The thing is, it was to the same place and it was actually more a brothels with prostitutes behind the holes, creating the GH experience.

I know after looking around on the internet that this GH thing is more likely to be gay/bi experience than a straight on. I mean no offence to the gay community at all, I dont mind being around gay people at all, I just don't want to have a gay experience (I already kinda try, so I can safely say that).

I know it can be seen has "against" the way of thinking of the Gloryhole since the point is actually not to know who is going down on you. I'm not against not knowing who is it, I just don't want it to be a dude, once again no offence.

Would anyone know any locations (shops, clubs, ...) where I would find some "straight GH" ? I really wouldn't mind if it is straight and gay as long as you know where you are going (in a way). I'm also willing to pay the extra € if an "expansive" place exists.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Have a great day
Re: Looking for some GloryHoles adresses
Posted: 2017-07-31, 11:38 pm

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Well this question is pretty easy to answer:

Nowhere in the whole world you will find a glory whole which is used by women, who are not prostitutes.
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