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Love Club 21 review
Posted: 2024-05-23, 11:22 pm

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I was in Amasterdam last week and I was thinking I was going to see a window girl, but I underestimated how busy the RLD would be, and I was quite self conscious about talking to them because there were so many tourists watching and taking photos (even though they shouldn't).

It was late at night and I didn't have time to get to somewhere like 118, but I heard about Love Club 21. I got there at 11pm on the dot so had time for an hour.

The alley that it is in is pretty quiet and you can stay pretty anonymous if you're worried about that. I walked past a couple of times, then went and rang the bell. I was nervous because this was my first time paying for services.

A girl approached the door and held up a sign with prices. I gestured that I was happy with them and she opened the door. I chose 1 hour massage with HE and was taken up to a room where she told me to get ready so I stripped off and lay face down on the bed. She came back in and stripped down to her panties. She had a really pretty face, and nice big perky boobs which I think were fake but I couldn't see any implant scars. Still pretty sure they were fake. Her butt was small but that's pretty much what I expected, and I'm not a big butt kinda guy anyway.

I questioned if it was with her because I was expecting to choose out of the available girls. I didn't get a choice, but I was more than happy with her. But then as I said I got there at 11pm.

The massage was ok, not the best I've had but not bad. But then it got a LOT better. She did some CC swipes which felt really nice and teased my innner thighs, and then she spent a while just stroking my asshole which was incredible. She then reached between my legs and grabbed my cock. I was already hard of course and had some gentle strokes.

She told me to turn over so I was on my back and I think at this point she took off her panties, though I hadn't paid for FS. She sat on the bottom of my stomach and stroked me beind her back. I asked if I was allowed to touch her and she said it was 30 Euros extra which I agreed to because I wanted to grab her boobs and butt. Her boobs were really firm and she had really cute little nipples. Pretty soon I blew my load. Honestly felt incredible, and I could feel my body shaking. I don't know if it was adrenaline or what but I was just shaking so hard, it felt really nice.

I joked with her that 'I think I only need 30 minutes' when I had just popped. She said something to the effect of 'but you paid for an hour', and I thought she meant that I still had to pay for 1h even though I had popped after 30 mins (which I'd have been fine with). But what she meant was 'you still have time on the clock'. She wiped me off, wiped herself down, and got back to massaging my front. She carried on with that for a bit, even leaned over to give me a peck on the cheek, and then went back for round 2! I kept on touching and soon got hard again. Long story short, with about 5-10 mins to go, she got me off again. I was shaking again. I don't think I've ever cum twice in an hour since I was a teenager.

Time was almost up so I got up and she checked that the shower (located between two rooms) was empty and put the water on for me. I had a quick shower, dried off, got dressed and paid my extra then left. Unfortnately I didn't get the girls name. I wish I did to share and for future reference if I go back.

Important to mention that the whole time I was there I didn't see any other people. They made sure that people didn't run into each other. My first time having a HE massage was a great experience. I went back a few days later which I'll write about in a reply to this thread.
Re: Love Club 21 review
Posted: 2024-05-23, 11:36 pm

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So I went back a couple of nights later as it was my last night and I felt like getting off again. This time when I rang the bell a different girl answered, I agreed to the prices, but this time was taken to a room to choose which girl I wanted. There were 3 available - the one who answered the door, a younger girl, and an older girl. I went for the younger one whose name she said was Cherry.

This time I only paid for 30 mins plus HE. I don't know if the differences I had were because of it being a different girl or because I only paid for 30 mins, but my experience wasn't as good. She didn't take anything off and she said that for her to strip was an extra 50 euros. Most things she offered were an extra 50 come to think of it.

The massage was ok, the same as the girl before really. When I turned over she asked if I wanted a BJ for extra 50 and I decided yes. It was a CBJ of course, but I don't think she had much experience of guys with foreskin as she put the condom over my foreskin with no space for it to retract.

CBJ's aren't amazing, but a CBJ over your foreskin is pretty pointless. Once I'd re-arranged myself, she got to work and was actually really good with her mouth. Was really hot seeing her taking my cock and looking up at me.

After a while she took the condom off and got to the HJ. It was good, it felt nice. I think after my previous experience I was hoping that she would be naked and that I could touch her up. I've a feeling that would have cost an extra 100 Euros or something though. I think what I ended up payinf for the massage, CBJ, and HE I could have probably had FS but thats what you get for being horny and thinking with your dick.

So yeah the 2nd time there wasn't as good, but maybe its just rookie error. Next time I go I'll opt for an hour again and see what I get. Or I might just pluck up my courage and go for a window girl or to Park 118.

Overall I would say Love Club 21 is worth a visit. The first girl was incredible. Cherry was nice, I'm kinda thinking maybe I repulsed her and she didn't want to do much which is why she was asking a lot for extras. I'll go back and try someone else next time.
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