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Walking the Red Light DistrictsAdvertise with us
The symbol of Amsterdam, seen through a pair of female legsIn the Red Light Districts of Amsterdam you will find, on any given day, hundreds of girls offering sex for money. Nowhere else on earth are the women so straightforwardly on display, sitting sparingly attired on stools behind windows. Nowhere else except in the other main Dutch cities, because this conspicuous window prostitution is distinct to the Netherlands, as distinct as the habit that many... [Read more]

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Colorado and Washington become first U.S. states to legalise pot

On Tuesday, 6 Nov 2012, Colorado and Washington became the first US states in history to legalise marijuana for recreational use. Marijuana remains illegal under US federal law and so it remains to be seen how the federal government will attempt to interfere with these developments.

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Amsterdam's coffee shops will remain open to tourists

The weed pass will NOT be implemented in Amsterdam in 2013. Tourists can continue to buy weed in Amsterdam for the forseeable future.

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The Dutch Way: Bicycles and Fresh Bread

Interesting article from the NY Times offering some insights into Dutch culture.

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Message Board Upgraded

We've updated our forum software in order to implement some new features. Come check out the new board!

Craigslist removes "adult services" listings to placate US gov't

In another "victory" for the subnormal religious right, the US-based online classifieds site Craigslist has apparently capitulated to pressure/lawsuits from various states' attorneys general and shut down their "adult services" section -- at least in the US (we just checked and it's still available for other countries, of course, and still called "erotic services"). No big loss as we've had nothing but horrible experiences with US-based service providers anyway.

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The Netherlands in China

Dutch architecture, windmills, water... what, no girls, smoke or FEBO?!?

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