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Vaporizor Bong
Posted: 2012-05-16, 3:05 am

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I was in Dam back in 08 and my buddy and I were in a coffeeshop that had a large (approx 2 feet) tall vaporizor that you smoked like a bong. I canNOT for the life of me remember where we were (I wonder why lol) and really want to find the place again when I'm back in Dam for my honeymoon in 2 weeks.
To give a bit more description: It was a large bong that was set into the table in a little recessed circle with lights underneath it to light the water. It could rotate. A long tube/pipe came out where a typical downstem is located and you packed the weed in the top where normally you would inhale from a bong. There was a large heating element with a glass handle that sat in a holder right by the vap/bong, which you'd place on top of the bong to hit. The location as far as I can remember was close to centruum/rld and it was in an alley with plenty sex stores around. There was a cat. He lived there.
Unfortunately this is all I remember, can anyone help out with what shop this might be?
If no one one has a clue to what I'm talking about I think I have a picture somewhere but I'm at work and will have to check later.
Thanks all!


Neeever mind, I zoomed in REAL close on the pics and could clearly see 'Baba Coffeeshop' menu on the window.
Re: Vaporizor Bong
Posted: 2012-05-16, 4:42 pm

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It's a verdamper and there are several shops around town with them. Anyday, Dolphins, Katsu, or 137.

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