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Berlin Trip Report
Posted: 2018-09-13, 8:24 pm

billybob69Supporting Member
Supporting Member
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Recently visited Berlin and experienced some of the sexual pleasures that it has to offer -

Anni Porsche

Anni Porsche is losely based on the German FKK / sex party idea; for 88e, you can eat, drink and fuck for a whole day (11:00 to 22:00).

Well that's the good part. The bad part is the girls are pretty average 5-6 on my scale. And you have get used to fat naked Germans walking around in various states of excitement.

That means that there are 1 -2 girls there at any time and the girls change shift every 2 hours. When I was there there was about 10 other jocks, which means that you either have to get in amongst it or wait until everybody else is done for the chance to have the girl on your own. Even then you are potentially boning the girls with others watching on.
I was there for about five hours and in that time I had sex with four girls, had three beers and had something from the buffet several times.

It is held in a smallish apartment. The setup is effectively one bedroom with a large bed in, a chill-out room, a bar, a shower and toilets.

Having a grasp of German helps, to either while away the time chating to the other punters or to get better sessions with the girls.

Getting there is pretty easy; take the tube to Gneisenaustra├če (exit the Casino side), cross over. It is at No. 89 and there is a buzzer with a red tab with Porsche on it.

On some levels it is recommended; it offers good value for money and attending a sex party is definetly an experience. But banging an (average looking) girl whilst one plays with her tits and another guy looks on isn't for me.


Trip report to be continued.

"BillyBob69 is the best shag I've ever had" - Beyonce Knowles
Re: Berlin Trip Report
Posted: 2018-09-14, 3:22 pm

splodge Power Kat
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Excellent post. Thanks. For me it's just rlds for now. Swingers clubs and recconaisance missions to kinos and tranny clubs lol.

German rlds only now. Swinger venues & similar. Also t-girls and tgirl venues. Out of punting retirement but only occasionall and mainly the Bochum and NRW area only.
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