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By posting on our Message Board, you have agreed to these terms, therefore you might want to become familiar with them.

Welcome to our message board! It is provided for you to share tips, make suggestions, talk about experiences, ask questions, post reports or reviews, and generally get the most out of a visit to Amsterdam or the RLD. Our board may be monitored by at least one moderator. Our moderators are residents or frequent travellers to Holland. If they cannot answer your question, they will be happy to try to direct you to someone who can provide a better answer. But more often than not, one of our readers will gladly answer your question.

Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is quite simple. Under no circumstances will your email address or user info be given out or sold, to anyone, for any reason. Be aware that certain unethical organizations employ web bots or spiders to crawl the web and "harvest" publicly available email addresses without the authorization of or knowledge of the sites they crawl. We take steps to discourage this, but certain malicious organizations may choose to ignore these instructions. Posting your email address on the Message Board, is at your own discretion. We advise that you use an easily disposable throw away address reserved for public viewing.

Age of Consent

The age of consent to visit a prostitute in the Netherlands is 18. We require that active participants of this website be of that age, or whatever the legal age of consent is your country of residence as defined by its laws, but you must respect the laws as they exist in the Netherlands. Those who live in jurisdictions where the viewing of information of this type is barred by law, we pity you.

Supporting Member Donations

Supporting member donations are the lifeblood of this site.  Due to the logistics involved and the cost to us — all payment processors take their cut before the payment reaches us — donations should be considered nonrefundable.

Posting Guidelines

New Visitors
The features that comprise the site are here for your benefit, please utilize them before asking questions. The search function is particularly useful.  If you are new to Amsterdam, it is very likely your topic will have been addressed here at some length in past. So please help us out by searching before posting. Replying to an existing topic is generally always better than starting a new one.  Also check our Announcements forum to ensure you are aware of any recent changes concerning the site.

If you as a new member follow the above guideline to get to know the site, you will be able to ask more knowledgeable questions. Showing this respect to the existing members, the likelihood of getting support is of course much higher. Furthermore you will also be assisting us in keeping the board interesting to our old members. Please note that it is as important to us to provide old members with a good place for discussions, as it is to provide new visitors a forum to ask questions.

If you have a problem conversing about the opposite sex in a polite and respectful manner then this site is not the place for you.

Referrals to other sites will be allowed at our discretion. New members may not post URL's until a predetermined number of legitimate posts have been made by the member. This has been introduced to prevent our forums from being used to post spam.

Post Intelligently
Interesting, insightful, thought provoking posts and comments are worth their weight in gold. Be a valuable contributor and participant to this Message Board, be considerate of everyone's time.

Troll Posts
These consist of such wonders to behold as "I want sex!" These contribute nothing to the discussions and are of interest to no one. They will be removed.

Advertising & Spam
Absolutely prohibited: No exceptions. No means no. Failure to respect this results in banning from the entire site.

We do not permit cross-posting. When starting a new topic, please attempt to select the most appropriate forum for it and post it there only. Identical posts in separate forums (or in separate threads in the same forum) are regarded as spam here and will be removed, probably along with the user.

Posting Names
Please select a posting name that isn't stupid, immature, malicious, sophomoric, or a dirty double entendre. A name you wouldn't be embarrassed to be known by in real life will do nicely. Offenders will be removed at the discretion of the moderators.

Duplicate Accounts
Not permitted. 1 person = 1 account. Every use of a second username comes down to the same thing: an attempt to call undue attention to one's posts and/or deceive people by pretending to be more than one party. First offence results in immediate and permanent banning from the board. This will also be publicly announced so as to prevent others from being fooled. Just don't do it.

Illegal activities
Activities involving minors, smuggling, hard drug use, etc., are not acceptable topics for this forum, and will be removed. Likewise, activities such as zoophilism, while technically not illegal in Holland, are activities which civilized societies really shouldn't have need to prohibit because no civilized person would engage in such acts. The Netherlands is a civilized society, it is unique in possessing enlightened and sane laws and attitudes towards activities between consenting adults and soft drug use, and postings made on this board shall be confined to activities between consenting adults. If you have a problem with this requirement, please seek psychiatric counseling and if that fails, please consider suicide.

If you disagree with something which a board user has said or done, you are more than welcome to state that you disagree, but nobody likes being called "stupid" or an "idiot" because they don't hold the same opinions as someone else. These postings will be removed, as will any posting which refers to your fellow board users in a derogatory manner. Please respect this.

Formatting & Quotes
Please do not use the formatting tools indiscriminately.  For example, we never want to see an entire post in a non-standard font size or colour (or in ALL CAPS, but that should go without saying.)  Formatting can be useful when used in an intelligent way — highlighting addresses and points of interest in a trip report, for instance.  Bottom line, please just make sure there is an actual reason for a colour/font size/formatting change in your posts.

The quote button is there to lend clarity to replies, not to waste space by quoting an entire 12 page post and adding a two line reply. Please be mindful of your fellow readers and limit your quoting only to the relevant text to which you are replying.

Once you have met minimum post count and account age requirements, you may attach images to posts, which are hosted here.  Please do not upload anything to which you do not hold the copyright.  There is a hard limit of 1.5MB per image so as not to overly discourage participation by any of our less tech-savvy users, but please keep the images much smaller than that if you can. JPEG is the preferred format. Please try to avoid using PNG as that format is a horribly inefficient way of representing photos, using up far more of our bandwidth than necessary (often 10x more) and loading too slowly here.

Please refrain from the use of needlessly vulgar language, harassment of other users, racial or ethnic slurs, sexism, or slander. Please do not publicly re-post private email without the express written permission of the email's original sender. Please do not post personal addresses or phone numbers which are not your own. Please wait at least 30 minutes after eating before you go into the water, or you’ll get cramps and sink like a stone (Didn’t your mother ever tell you that?!)

Language Pt 2
Please DO NOT use coarse or explicit language in the titles of your posts. You can say pretty much anything else you like, in the text of your post, as long as it adheres to the standards.

General Disruption
Being a general pain in the arse disrupts the smooth operation of the forums—a place to find a share information—being a persistant pain in the arse will get the offender kicked. In other words: Don't be a jackass or we'll deprive ourselves of your company.

The Broken Window Theory
The posting policies of this site are intentionally based on the "Broken Window" theory: When one window in an empty building is broken, it should be repaired immediately. If not, more windows will be smashed and the building will soon be turned into a ruin. In other words, it is important to deal with minor undesirable behaviour to keep it from going from bad to worse. This has been the single biggest factor in our continued success as a meaningful forum.

Theft of material from this website
All written and graphic content that appears on this website, and this includes all photographs, are the property of Ignatzmice Studios, and are copyrighted and protected under international law. No electronic or other means of transmission is allowed without written authorization of Ignatzmice Studios, the creator and owner of all material that appears on this site.

The posts which appear on our Message Board are the opinions of their respective authors and not those of Ignatzmice.com. Ignatzmice.com is the sole owner of all material which is published on the site, and this includes all posts. Individual posts may be posted on other websites, but they may not be altered, or made to appear as though they are the content of any site other than Ignatzmice.com. Full credit to Ignatzmice.com, along with the URL, and the name of the original author, are required to appear on such posts. Ignatzmice.com is not affiliated with any other website or guidebook, or any other person or organisation.

Unauthorized use of any material that appears here constitutes theft, and will result in legal action. Digital encoding and other means are utilized to track our property.

Amsterdam XXX / The Walletjes and Ignatzmice.com take no responsibility for the content of any messages posted on this page, nor do we endorse the opinions of the authors. But the information contained in the posts become the property of this site, and are protected by it's copyrights. If you do not agree to those terms, you shouldn't be this far into the site, anyway, and you definitely should not be posting to, or even reading, this message board.

Our moderators will review messages posted here to make certain that they meet our guidelines. We reserve the right to delete any message posted on the site, for any reason, at our discretion or the discretion of our appointed moderators. Repeated violations of the above guidelines will result, at our discretion, in the offender having their privilege to post here permanently suspended.

Admin and moderators words are law
Board rules, policy and implementation will not be discussed on the Message Board. Please do not try to argue with the admins and moderators. Ignoring may, at our discretion result in having your posting privileges revoked. If you have complaints, please use the contact link and send us an email.

Message boards are a dynamic entity, and we reserve the right to change our minds about anything said here, and to run this message board as we see fit. Therefore, these rules may change at any time, with no notice posted anywhere except this page. Please check these rules before posting any future messages to our board.

If you don't like these rules, please don't post here.

Never mix chocolate and french fries, either. You will explode.



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