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Posted: 2018-06-20, 4:06 am

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Hello fellow micers

Any genral advice or tips for an upcoming trip to Hamburg?

First time to Germany, will be doing 3 nights staying in the Reeperbahn area with a few mates. This is usually an annual trip to the Dam however they wanted to try Hamburg this year.

Have searched and read the forum and it seems abit of a mine field to be honest. From what I've gathered the Thai places seem the safest bet to not being ripped off, would be good for anyone thats been recently to confirm. Also probably won't move far away from the reeperbahn either, usually end up in the nearest drinking hole to the hotel and unable to move the rest of the guys that far away.

Will also do a trip report whilst there.

Re: Hamburg
Posted: 2018-06-22, 2:15 pm

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I visited a few years ago, and I can relate my experiences; first, Hamburg is a great city, apart from the Reeperbahn; I stayed for three days or so, and really want to go back to explore more. Beautiful architecture, friendly people; great museums. I went primarily for two reasons: whoring and a Beatles pilgrimage. Kinda disappointing on both fronts; The Reeperbahn is a section with tons of bars, tons of degenerates, tons of people just hanging around, drinking carousing and drunk. There’s a few walled off streets where the window girls are; with signs on the walls saying “no women allowed” or something (doesn’t matter though.lol). The window girls I saw didn’t do it for me at all; maybe 6s, so I didn’t go. However around the walled streets there are tons of street prostitutes that are extremely aggressive. I’m a middle aged decent looking single guy; in other words, their PRIME target. Seriously could not walk down the street without getting hassled by girl after girl after girl; and they didn’t take “no” for an answer very easily; they were like used car salesmen. I wanted to spend some time on the walled streets to see if anything was going to change, but there’s so many women at both ends it became really annoying having to dodge them. And the surrounding streets were skeezy and disgusting. I really dig Amdam and Antwerp because both places are clean it’s cool just hanging out. Hamburg (at least when I was there) was different; just skeezy; not unsafe, just skeezy looking people trash everywhere dog shit..blah blah..can’t say it really put me in the mood, y’know? Finally after being pestered by this one dame incessantly, she goes, “Come on baby, why don’t you want to go with me?” So, I’d had enough, and I said, “You REALLY want to know? Because this place is DISGUSTING. There’s puke and dog shit five feet from where we’re standing. Makes me want to throw up, NOT fuck.” She quickly moved on. LOL! Anyway, sorry for the long post. I would think if you’re going there with some mates to drink and fuck around and maybe get laid, you’ll have an amazing time! I was just looking for something slightly more straightforward; I would go back though, love the city....hope this helps!
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