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Antwerp, Geneva
Posted: 2024-03-28, 9:39 pm

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Did a quiet weeknight in Antwerp. Checked out the RLD around 8pm, about 25-30% windows occupied. The Villa Tinto was dead.

Good: I liked how there were no tourists, just all punters and maybe only half with intent to utilize so I didn't feel competition or sense of rushing from girls. Price base was 50E for 20 min. That included CBJ and CFS with a couple positions.
Romanian 1/half gypsy, Alexia: Early 30s mom of 3, some baby damage & age but in great shape. Breast implants were old firm silicone so overall I'd rate her 8/10 for me. Fantastic personality, spoke English, I could see myself repeating her. Considered extending time.
Romanian 2 almost looks Armenian, Sarahi: Friendly girl, wave me enthusiastically the 3 times I passed. Looks 7.5 but all natural. Lots of boob play.

Bad: Would've like to see more girls. It was a Tues night so expected to be slow. I didn't stay past 11pm, maybe a few more prime time girls come out.
Very bad: I got rejected by 3 girls at the window. I never had this in DeWallen in 15 girls, and the other 2 Antwerp girls we had issues. I'm assuming because I am black but a homogenous brown color. I wasn't aggressive, drunk, I dressed plain. These were all early mid 20s pornstar Romanian types, who unfortunately I found to be the top 3 hottest girls I wanted. I could be wrong but I heard the stereotype on how Romanians can be ethnocentric or against migrants. They would just wave me off, I didn't protest but I considered pushing for a conversation that maybe they'd see I'm a black American that has money. Would have loved to have those bodies for 50E.

Overall Antwerp I'd rate 8.5/10 if on a weekend. The price being half to one third DeWallen makes up for limitations. Slower pace, better care, less tourists, cheaper airbnbs.

Used Felina Geneva: 240 CHF for 1 hr from my girl. Not as hot as she looked in the picture. Looks 8/10, hot face, in shape, Spanish. Fantastic fun personality. All covered action. The experience was 7/10. Very convenient, safe, simple, nice formal room. But expensive for all covered action and kissing.

Next found a Paraguay chick on the Geneva on fgirl.ch A great website. Set up within 1 hr, looked as hot as in person, 9/10 looks and an unreal tits to ass ratio. BBBJ and massage included with CFS. Would see h er again.
Re: Antwerp, Geneva
Posted: 2024-04-10, 9:11 pm

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thanks for the report!!

too bad some girls rejected you. But yes, I think they see you as an african immigrant , not afro american...
that's why.

Antwerpen 10pm-01 is prime time I would say....
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