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How not to get scammed
Posted: 2017-04-23, 9:10 am

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Hi, I'm staying near the bulldog mack and want to check out some of the windows near by for 50 euros. However, I'm worried about scammer girls.

Is there anything I can do or ask to avoid getting a scammer or is there any streets to avoid near me?
Re: How not to get scammed
Posted: 2017-04-23, 9:53 am

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Hey! Well best way not to get scammed is to try and ask her all you want to do with her when you are outside. Never go in unless you have agreed. Make sure to ask S&F and naked for 50 euro? Also dont forget to ask how many positions cause sometimes u get a limited amount. Touching is also a thing.
If she says yes then you have done most of what you can do to avoid getting scammed.

It mainly comes down to you and your gut feeling. What i tried to do was talk with a girl ask for prices etc, negotiate a little perhaps. Then i say i will come back some other time cause i cant just now. Then i come back after a couple of hours or the next day and ask the same. That way you get a double feel of what can happen. Although this is usually unnecessary to do but it makes you feel safer when picking. But dont be rude, never ever be rude.

Remember, you really need to get to know your gut feeling, it has saved me from getting ripped off so many times.

Just so you know 50 euro is the standard for CBJ and sex.

After you take all the precautions you might still get ripped of but that can't really be helped if she lies at the door, and thats where the gutfeeling comes in.

I find that the bethlemsteeg and trompetsteeg(no clue on spelling) is really safe areas when it comes to girls, i think most has good reviews. Oude Kerk is also cheaper (many go for 30euro s&f) and safer. De wallen is filled with scammers praying on tourists etc.

Singelgebied is also better, sometimes older and maybe less attractive but mainly safer.

Also another good way is to check the reviews in here, alot of the ppl will tell you if they got ripped off. Checking the girl you like on here is a good way to know if she has done it in the past.

Hope you enjoy your stay mate.
Re: How not to get scammed
Posted: 2017-04-23, 10:18 am

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Yep, read the trip reports and girls section and go with a well reviewed girl. Grimnul's trip reports contain a good selection of quality providers. Go with a random and you could well end up with your fingers burned. Its a minefield out there, even if you ask all the right questions, a rip off girl is still going to rip you off
Re: How not to get scammed
Posted: 2017-04-24, 6:30 pm

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I'd budget 100E for two visits to even the odds. That way if you get ripped off on window #1 you still have window #2. If window #1 turns out to be great, spend the extra 50E with her.

Sorry to put it like this but the odds are high that your first pick may be a rip off unless you scan the trip reports and limit yourself to girls with good reviews. That is the best way, but sometimes you see a girl and just want to go for it. In that case you need to be prepared for a better or worse experience.
Re: How not to get scammed
Posted: 2017-04-24, 9:45 pm

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I agree with what everyone else has said about asking questions and going with your gut feeling, but just to add on to that, try to see if the girl is actually listening to your question before answering it, so in other words if she's just saying "yes, yes come in" and not appearing to listen then that could be a bad sign.
Re: How not to get scammed
Posted: 2017-04-25, 8:06 am

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As others have said just go with your gut. If it seems wrong, it probably is.

Oh and also... Beware of girls that wear hats or big rimmed glasses! For some reason, they tend to indicate scammers (not all the time obviously, haha!)

Re: How not to get scammed
Posted: 2017-04-28, 3:27 pm

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I think there's 3 ways you can go here:

With your gut - this is instinct and generally the primary feeling you get when you start asking questions

With your head - you analyse things more here and your head needs to come up with a final analysis after about 60 seconds of questioning. Risk v reward!

With your dick - this is when you are so horny that your gut instinct and head analysis is made redundant because you are overwhelmed by the immediate desire for fucking.

I have applied all three before with varying results. Generally, I made no research, I took my chances with any girl I found very sexually attractive at that moment in time. This is going back a few years though and I'd say in 40 sessions I was probably scammed twice.

I've spent a lot of time watching porn and wanking, the rest of the time I just wasted.
Re: How not to get scammed
Posted: 2017-04-30, 2:03 am

weasel9x9Supporting Member
Supporting Member
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1) Read. There are many good reports here on some of the worlds most interesting women.

2) Good providers look for repeat customers. They put signs, stuffed animals, flags, and other distinctive items in their windows to make it easy to find them. Look for these items.

3) Watch the guys as they exit. You don't have to be a genious to spot a guy that just got ripped off, or one that just got his world rocked! It means spending a little time watching, but that can be part of the fun, too.


...running around in the shoes of a clown...
Re: How not to get scammed
Posted: 2017-10-05, 4:38 am

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Might be too late to reply, since the OP was April, but here are my two cents; I agree with everything already posted, however, one thing has changed over the years. When I first visited, the price was 50 euros, and the girls would say, "Suck and fuck." Last year I visited and it had changed to "Blow job and sex." I fell for one, went in, and she said "fucking is extra." So make sure that one of the questions you ask is, "Do I get to fuck you for the 50?"
Re: How not to get scammed
Posted: 2017-10-05, 11:03 am

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My advice, be firm and discuss exactly what you want and the price before you start your "actions".

Look and play the part. Girls can see and respect that.

Don't act like a soft pushover.

Best words of wisdom ever!!!
Re: How not to get scammed
Posted: 2017-10-21, 1:00 pm

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Had this happen to me last night as well. Asked two girls on Oudezijds Achterburgwal how much a BJ and them naked was. Anyways, they both said 50 euro and 50 for them to be naked. I thought that was a little step but based on the area and how hot both were, I decided to visit Maria from Albania in #43 (second window).

I said I just wanted a BJ and that she would be naked for 100 euro. She agreed and said 20 minutes. After about 5 minutes she starts pressuring me to fuck her and that it would be an extra 50 euros. I reply and say other girls it's 50 euros for S&F. I wasn't into that and said the BJ was fine.

Well 5 minutes later she says the time was up. Definitely wasn't 20 minutes and I question that saying how could that be? She starts going off saying I must have had some bad drugs because I was angry. I wasn't angry, just disappointed that I was getting taken advantage of.

I rip the condom off and say fine then she makes some remark about my sex life which was a rather cheap shot. I had done nothing to her besides questioning the time limit and not wanting to fuck her for an extra 50 euros.

From all the women I walked by, she seemed to have a very genuine smile. Obviously, I wanted to feel comfortable with her and felt would after talking to her for a few minutes before and during. Then she kept trying to upsell.

Sometimes you can feel comfortable and go with your gut but it's a whole different story when the curtain closes.
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