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Advice wanted for an Old Man going to Amsterdam for probably the last time.
Posted: 2017-11-11, 6:42 pm

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Dear Micers,

I need some advice.

If you were active on this site six years ago may remember me from a couple of Trip Reports I wrote under the threads An Old Man goes Forth (Again) and Fifty years of De Wallen.

Now at the age of 76 I’ll be in Amsterdam again at the beginning of next month and since this will probably be for the last time I want to make it a memorable experience.

Firstly, which/who are the best girls nowadays? I like ‘em young, slim and pretty with great oral skills. If they’ll kiss so much the better although I wouldn't insist on that but I would want them to get naked. And of course I like the price to be agreed at the beginning without any subsequent upselling.

Last time I was there both Agnieszka and German Kim fitted the bill perfectly and although I understand that the latter has retired, certainly I hope to see Agnieszka again.

But, apart from her, who do you guys recommend, not only in De Wallen (although there obviously) but also perhaps in the Singelgebied and/or De Pijp?

Secondly, on previous visits I’ve usually tried to visit at least one brothel and I want to do so again. However, my all-time favourite, Amstel Exclusief at Amstelkade 34, appears to have closed so, again, I’d like some recommendations. Generally I prefer the kind with a bar where one can have a drink, relax and chat to the girls and even the other customers without any pressure before deciding who to go to a room with. That said, I wouldn’t rule out a discreet Privéhuis if it had a good selection.

Finally, anything else sex-related that I might enjoy. I have no taboos or hang-ups except that I don’t like pain or violence but otherwise I’d be up for pretty much anything so don’t hold back with suggestions however filthy or bizarre they may be!

So please help me make my swan song one to remember – and I promise to write it up afterwards!

Thanks everyone.

Derekfromdevon (who lost his virginity to an Amsterdam window girl in 1963!)
Re: Advice wanted for an Old Man going to Amsterdam for probably the last time.
Posted: 2017-11-11, 7:00 pm

grimnul Power Kat
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Agnieszka is still around, I just saw her a week and a bit ago on my last trip and had a very good time.

I strongly recommend Ella on Bethlemsteeg, Veronica on Stoofsteeg, Aliza on Dolleb if you're a tit guy (she's absolutely stunning and has incredible tits, service is nothing special, though by no means bad, but she's a very nice girl), and Simona, who currently has no set room and is thus difficult to find unless you know her. Desi on Spuistraat in Singel is also fantastic and is definitely who you want to see for oral skills.

Depending on your budget, I'd check out Society Service, they're not cheap but I've had very good experiences with them, as have many others on this board. I can give you recommendations for specific girls I've seen from their agency if you PM me. If you're looking for a last hurrah, I'd definitely look into a booking with them.
Re: Advice wanted for an Old Man going to Amsterdam for probably the last time.
Posted: 2017-11-12, 2:18 am

weasel9x9Supporting Member
Supporting Member
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I can't imagine planning my last trip to Amsterdam. I'd probably just sit on the porch drinking beer at de Bekerde Suster and cry, watching the world stroll by.

There is a girl at 131 Ruysdealkade daytime, in the Pijp, that is a dead ringer for German Kim.
A few doors down, about 127, is Monica. Stunning, friendly young girl, great skills. Well worth the time to travel that far south.

Agneska is still there, as Grimnul pointed out. She can be very busy.

The problem with the wallen is that it is just so busy that service can be very rushed and superficial. There are still good providers, and some smoking hotties, but there are also enough poor providers that it can be a real challenge.

Kissing is hard to find, even if you are a regular. You may have to consider an escort to get this.
I would recommend a trip to Alkmaar for several reasons. First, it reminds me of Amsterdam from years back. Almost no gawkers or tourists. Girls tend to be younger, and are more open to kissing and BBBJ. I've also never had an issue with a rip-off. They are much more open to a short chat and a few questions at the door. Basically, if you like the look of a girl, you are a few simple questions from a very good time.

The only stable brothel left is Park 118. The others seem to open and close with no notice. Girls tend to be good providers, and open to extras like kissing. Most are in their 30's. Website has some pictures, and you can call to see who is working before making the trip. No bar or socializing with other customers.

For something extra:
Golden Time FKK. If you like to hang out with the guys in a bathrobe, having a few drinks and telling stories between romps with stunning, skilled and imaginative providers, this is the place. Kissing is standard.

Bernd's FKK. Best whorehouse in Germany. A little suburban house filled with free-range nymphomaniacs. Some German language skills help, but are not necessary. Women tend to be 30's, but a few 20's. Unparalleled skills and enthusiasm. Mostly older German clients. Kissing is not only standard, but is just the start of a lengthy menu of fun.

Circle Club Sexslavinnen night. First Thursday and third Sunday in Shoten, Belgium. A gangbang served by about a dozen submissive women in an asortment of blindfolds, collars and handcuffs. Off the chart kinky fun.
The website has a few pictures if you scroll through the rules. They are real, and on the mild side of the things that I have seen go down there.

I hope you have a spectacular trip, with the wood of a 20-year-old and the imagination of a 76-year-old!


...running around in the shoes of a clown...
Re: Advice wanted for an Old Man going to Amsterdam for probably the last time.
Posted: 2017-11-12, 8:34 am

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Best of luck on your tour, hope you change your mind & return in 2018.

If you are looking for 'young, slim & pretty' there are few better than Inna on 19 Spuistraat, daytime. She is young, slim & pretty & has a very pleasant, low key character which puts me at ease. Oral she is fine & for E50 extra you can get BBBJ.

Another great young, slim looker is Barbara at Doll 7-2, daytime.

Hope it all works out for you.
Re: Advice wanted for an Old Man going to Amsterdam for probably the last time.
Posted: 2017-11-21, 3:11 am

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Thanks grimnul, weasel9x9 and GeorgeK2 for your suggestions and advice, all of which I am taking on board. Firstly, let me say that the reason I fear that next month’s trip may be my final one is simply that I am getting old. Over the six years since I was last in Amsterdam, I have become both a bit unsteady on my feet and find walking long distances increasingly tiring. When I think of the endless walking around and around the Wallen in particular, compounded of course by equally endless indecision! (See my threads An Old Man goes Forth (Again) and Fifty years of De Wallen), I already wonder if I will be able to do everything I want to anyway.

But at least I'll try.

The situation is that I am attending a conference in Amsterdam beginning at 9 am on Friday 1st December and finishing at lunch-time on Sunday 3rd. However, I have been less than honest about this with my wife who is under the impression that the conference won’t end until late on Monday 2nd. (This is a wise move given that she is very well aware of my life-long fascination with the Amsterdam Red Light District(s) and my many previous visits to, not to mention enjoyment of, them.)

So, the upshot is that I fly out early on Thursday 30 December and should be free to indulge myself for pretty much the whole that afternoon and evening and again from Sunday morning through and until very late Monday night.

Always assuming I have the stamina for it of course (I told you I was getting old).

To weasel, let me say I know Golden Time quite well and even forgot my passport there on one occasion. (But for the quick thinking of the receptionist who managed to stop me as I was about to drive off en route to Belgium, this could have been embarrassing.) However, Bernd’s whorehouse in Germany and the Circle Club in Schoten are new to me and I have made a note of both for future reference.

And as for him wishing me ‘the wood of a 20-year-old’, all I can say is, I wish!

Anyway, thanks guys. I’ll keep you informed and of course write a full trip report in due course. If in the meantime you (or anyone else who may be reading this) have any further suggestions, they will be gratefully received.
Re: Advice wanted for an Old Man going to Amsterdam for probably the last time.
Posted: 2017-11-21, 12:21 pm

HCSupporting Member
Supporting Member
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Have a great trip Derek.

My current favourites matching your requirements are Inna (already mentioned) and Rosie.
Re: Advice wanted for an Old Man going to Amsterdam for probably the last time.
Posted: 2017-11-22, 12:21 am

retro Power Kat
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If you like hyper active petit spinner types, see Nicole who works nights on the OZA canal, very pretty and great oral skills. Aways had a great time with her.
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