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Adult Entertainment For Wife & Couple
Posted: 2019-03-11, 6:39 pm

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finally i was able to register.. okay so me and my wife are traveling to Amsterdam.. Budapest.. Vienna and Prague. I have been trying to search online a lot.. but not able to find answers to a lot of things.. and people on tripvisor aren't that helpful on these topics. She is quite shy and conservative, but I really want to open her up a lot more to explore all that's out there.

1. Are there any 'male' strip clubs in either of these 4 cities that I can take my wife to.. get her a private lap dance.. and so on? All I can find online are strip clubs for guys to go to.

2. I want to also get her a male-to-female body massage. She hasn't gotten one done before and is very shy and conservative of her privacy. This could be the first step..

3. I have read all about the weed and space cakes, etc.. but where can we find some Ecs***y? We're attending a music fest during our trip and would love to try n pop some nice tablets.

4. Although I am of a very 'poly' thinking, she isn't, and would rather want to remain monogamous. Although I won't push her for anything, what more can I do for her to take a step and experiment towards being with others, or somehow be seduced by other men, or hopefully by women as well?

5. Can you suggest some good sex clubs or erotic theatres which are not too expensive?

6. Are the clubs temperature controlled? Since we are coming in March end, I was wondering if she can wear something hot and sexy or will have to be all covered up in the cold?

I'd love for both of us to connect and make new friends throughout our journey.. party with new people.. at the right spots and see what's truly favourite to the locals.. we're pretty much there for 3-4 days in all the 4 cities..

Do hit me up with any tips, to-dos.. and specially answers to the first 2 points.. nothing that's too expensive..

What more and how more can I experiment with her and for her? or make her experiment.. although i read about some strains of weed that make you horny.. but is there anything that would make her horny towards others and not just me? I guess swinger clubs would be a bad idea since she is not in the same place.. so I am clueless on how to make this experience something new and exciting for her..

Suggestions for Amsterdam.. and the other 3 cities also if possible...

more details about us.. and our itinerary created so far.. in PM if interested.
Re: Adult Entertainment For Wife & Couple
Posted: 2019-04-01, 3:49 am

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I have the exact same questions.
Same Situation with Wife, I will be there first of may.
Maybe the original poster already listed there and can post some advise for me.
OR maybe someone else here.
We will ONLY be in Amsterdam. I search google already and just are not sure.
Really could use some ideas please.

Extra questions would be
What to wear to clubs him and her?
This is first time at a club, which is best for new people

Male Strip club, I did lap dances last week with her watching now its her turn, ideas?
Are there non all Gay strip clubs or nights just for women with Couples OK?
Re: Adult Entertainment For Wife & Couple
Posted: 2019-04-01, 10:52 am

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Send me a mail on mumbaicouple89 at Gmail, n I'll give you some useful info
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