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Kigali Rwanda
Posted: 2018-09-28, 8:14 pm

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So, i arrived yesterday in Kigali Rwanda.

Had to change plane in Addis Ababa Ethiopia. The plane to Kigali from Addis was delayed so i had to wait around seven hours.

When the plane finaly was going to depart a message came that the airport in Kigali was closed for one hour so we had to wait again.

In Kigali airport i bought a Visa for 30 dollar.

Took a taxi to my hotell. Its close to the area Remera.
Checked in and took a shower before i went out in the city.
Kigali says to be the cleanest city in Africa, and i belive its true, because there arent any litter anywhere.

I bought toothpaste, and a mosquito lotion. Had already bought malaria profylax in my hometown and got vaccine against yellow feber..

This morning after breakfast i went out to find a massageparlor, but i did not find it.
On the way back to my hotel, i passed a bar and noticed a couple of girls there. I walked past them, but heard footsteeps behind me. That was one of the girls, and she said that they wanted me to come. So i did.

One if the girls greeted me with a hug before she kissed my mouth. She was a bit drunk.
The other girl hugged me now. She was tall and pretty thin. Think she is of the Tutsi people. 25 years old

She asked if i wanted to come to her home, and i followed her.
She lived alone in a small house in slum area close to the big arena in Remera.

We hugged and kissed for a while before she took her clothes off.

I started to play with her feet, and she seemed to enjoy it, and become aroused. Kissed and caressed her beautiful body.
She asked if i wanted sex, but i said no.
Stayed with her for an hour.

I wanted to go to my hotel for a shower, and she came with me.
My hotel wanted 30 dollar for letting me have my guest on my room.

I took a shower, and when i was finish my girl was naked in the bed.

We started again, and she asked again for sex. I said ok and putted on a condom.

Wow, she was really into this. First i was on top of her, before she sat on me and started to ride me.

After a while she got up on the floor and told me to take her from behind. I did that, and it really felt good.
Came in the condom and took a shower again.

We slept together for a while before we had some more sex.

I payed her around 13 us dollar and the same amount in Rwandan franc.

She asked if i could buy her a cellphone, but i told her no right now.

She was a bit upset, but not much.

I followed her to her home again, and an African thunderstorm with rain came.

We slept a bit more together. Suddenly she got up and made me food. She thought it was funny to feed me, and i let her do that. That was actually pretty funny.

Tomorrow i go visit her again.
Re: Kigali Rwanda
Posted: 2018-10-02, 8:21 am

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I have continued to visit the girl i met the first day.
She makes me food in her home, and taking care of me.

Second day here, it was a small fight between her and another girl.
I was going to meet her, but i did not find her home, because the area where she live is a kind of maze.

I asked some kids if they know where she lived, but they didnt speak English at all.
A girl came, and i asked her to. She took my hand and showed me into her home. I said that i only wanted to meet my girl, but she asked for sex. I told her i dont want to, just want to meet my girl.

She went out and left me in her home with her friend.
Her friend told me to undress, but i said again no. Then she started to undress, and i stopped her.

My girl and the other girl showed up. The other girl had told my girl that she was my girlfriend.
Now its trouble.

I told my girl it was not true. The other girl wanted a beer, and i was going to give her 1000 rw franc. She then took al my money from my wallet.
Now the fight began. My girl saved half of my money and we left to my girls home.

We had a very nice time in bed. She really likes sex haha.

Its very easy to get girlfriends here, but they are often a bit shy.

Today i meet my girl again, but yesterday she was sick in what could be malaria.
The risk of getting malaria here is pretty big. I have malaria profylax, but its not always helping.

Its a very nice city Kigali with many beautiful girls.
Re: Kigali Rwanda
Posted: 2019-01-09, 6:13 pm

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It's safe to wander round in the slum areas?
Re: Kigali Rwanda
Posted: 2019-01-26, 10:26 am

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Zetland01 wrote:
It's safe to wander round in the slum areas?

I dont think you should go there if you dont know anyone who lives there. Its also very tricky to find around there, because its like a maze.
Otherwise i felt safe there. People were polite and friendly, even if the girls there always begged for beer and money. They also want to have a foreign boyfriend.

I plan to go back to Kigali in april. Have still contact with the girl i met there.
Re: Kigali Rwanda
Posted: 2019-05-18, 7:53 pm

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So, i had a second trip to Kigali in the end of april.
Had planned to meet the girl from the slum area again.

Changed airplane in Addis Ababa. The flight to Kigali was canceled so
i had to take another flight that was going to Burundi took pick up passengers
and then back to Kigali.

In the airport in Kigali the girl met me and we took a taxi to my hotel.
It was a very small hotel and i was the only guest there. The owner of the hotel
was very nice and i got to know her pretty well during my stay. She said that we
could travel together in Africa if i wanted. She also told me that she had a friend
that was living close to the Congolese border, so if i wanted to go to Congo, she could
help me.

I spend some time with the girl from before, but i got pretty tired to listen to her
when she all the time lied to get more money from me.
She came to the hotel and visited me every day, and i visited her in her new home.
She had moved to a shed like house with only a bed and nothing else in another slum

Anyway, people here are very friendly and you dont have to worry about scammers and thieves.

I plan to go back this autumn, but then only to meet the owner of the hotel.
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