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Escort Services

An important thing to remember is that many of the clubs, such as those listed on our Clubs page, provide escort service. It's handy if you've met someone, or seen someone in a club and wish to see them in your own location.

Several local agencies now use a telephone payment system in order to view photos of escorts.  This pay-to-view scheme  is available only within the confines of the Netherlands at the present time, which is a good thing. It's extremely dodgy to charge to view.  Avoid these agencies. Does the word "scam" mean anything to you? Stick to the straightforward agencies as listed below.

Many ladies work for a number of agencies and prices for the same lady may vary by agency. Check the listed rates.

We assign hearts ♥ to the agencies we list. Ratings are based upon several factors. Service (when applicable), website usefulness and presentation, quality of photographs, prices, etc. The Amsterdam goverment now assigns licenses to agencies. From 01-01-2010 it will be illegal to operate an agency without a licence. If a license is not displayed on an agencies website, avoid the agency.


Amsterdam Callgirls ♥♥
tel: 020-600-2354

Like Women of the World, it's fully owned and operated by the women who operate it. It says so right on their website! Couples are welcomed. The agency has acquired an excellent reputation. A part of that is due to the fact that they try their best to find the right escort for you. They will give you good information and they may even ask some questions about you to see if the escort will be happy with you! All escorts do not work regularly, and some only make one appointment per evening. If you have the possibility to plan ahead, it is a good idea. They will work with you to set appointments in advance. They do answer emails if you prefer that, we can actually even recommend email here. They are one of the few agencies we have detailed information about that can offer an escort early during the daytime. Unfortunately the website does not provide much that is helpful.

Amsterdam Escorts
tel: 06 383 577 57 

Amsterdam Pretty Escort ♥♥♥+

tel: 06 11227799 (NL), 0031-020-779-9458 (from abroad)

They say they're more interested in a satisfied customer, and meeting their needs, then in making money. One of the larger selection of ladies is available, most with pictures, but absolute minimal information is provided, other than the age, weight, height type stuff—which is entirely typical here in Amsterdam.

Angels Exclusive ♥♥♥+
tel: 020-417-4173

With the catchphrase, "Our angels will blow your mind", lets hope that's not all they're talking about blowing! We rather like the presentation of this website. Beautiful, clickable-to-large-size photographs are something we'd really like to see copied by more agencies.

Asian Escort
tel: 020-627-8679

Intrigued by the pretty webpage and the promise of a professional Thai massage in the privacy of our home, we called. "What kind of girl are you looking for?", asked the operator. "We have blondes, brunettes, redheads...". "Excuse me?!", replied I, Blonde asians?" In reality this agency is just another webpage, supplied by an umbrella organization that operates many other escort websites. The shy, embarrassed and awkward young women that eventually arrived, reminded us why we loathe calling up out of the blue, and having a stranger arrive at our door.

Azune Escort
tel: 020-693-5707 (NL), 0031-20-693-5707 (from abroad)

Chic Escort Service ♥+
tel: 020-636-9874

They do offer pictures of who they have available, and the usual nearly useless profiles which do not tell you anything more than you can see in the photos. Here's an idea, how about profile information that might be useful?

Dibbes Escort ♥
tel: 020-610-5386

Ever so slightly improved, Dibbes now provide a little useful information. But not much.

Heaven Escorts
tel: 020-636-1972

A typical escort website for Amsterdam, minus any mention of prices.

tel: various

Kinky isn't an agency, it's an online searchable database (or flea-market depending upon your point of view), of independent men and women offering their incall and/or outcall services. Many of those services (pijpen zonder condoom, for example) are not usually on offer by the ladies working in the agencies.

Lolita Escorts

Like the name says...well, actually it means nothing, it's marketing. But Lolita is the cheapest place we list here. If it pleases you to spend more for some of the same girls, go elsewhere. It's similar to purchasing an airplane ticket. You eat the same food, you ride the same airplane, you both get off at the same place, But the fellow sitting next to you paid half of what you paid.

Oasis Escort ♥♥
tel: 020-637-0738

This agency has a good selection of ladies available, all with rather well-done photos. Each listing is accompanied by a profile. Online booking is offered, email for current rates. Some of the ladies offered appear on other websites, which is normal. We are not familiar with the quaility of service the agency provides, but we have sampled a few girls here via other agencies, and we were quite pleased. No prices given.

Pleasure Escorts ♥♥♥+
tel: 020-636-4086

This agency, now one of the largest here, has a sizeable number of ladies available at present, with rather well-done photographs. Each listing is accompanied by a profile.

Recently we resampled Pleasure after a year or so, and found the service up to par with our other two favourite agencies. Our young lady arrived on time, and the experience with her was superb, like a girlfriend in those first few weeks when passion and excitement are still very much still there. Pleasure also provides limo service for those of you who might like something really different---the girl (s) of your choice, champagne, and a big limo tooling around Amsterdam.

Pretty Women Escorts
tel: 020-774-3163

In the mid-range price-wise, Pretty Women offers large photos of most of the ladies they have on offer. 

Top Escort Amsterdam ♥♥♥♥
tel: +31 6 1119 5293

A nice selection of hot girls and a reputation for quality service put this agency high on our list.

Women of the World ♥+
tel: 020-584-9655

WOW has always received very good notices on our board over the years. An all female owned and managed agency, it's a real classy operation. Their new website enhances an already classy operation with the addition of a gallery of their ladies, long overdue. We think the uninformative hype of the descriptions that accompany the photos are a mis-step, however, and something a bit more forthright would be nice. Booking is available online, and if you have to ask the price, so it would seem because price is not mentioned on the rates tab except for a description of additional fees on top of the never mentioned rate, they're probably not interested in serving you. Despite the accolades, WoW loses in the ratings. 


Besides the assortment of sophisticated ladies pictured, this agency also provides airport pickup and accomodation and luxury car rental services. So live the good life, if you're up to it.

Zuzana ♥♥

The eastern BBBJ express. This agency rotates ladies of eastern European origin into Amsterdam (also Paris) for brief periods. One may visit the lady at her hotel (incall is the norm), located near the airport, or for triple the lady's usual hourly rate, they will visit you at your hotel. Lots of photos, schedules, even a downloadable video or two, are all available on the website, and bookings can be made there. It's a very good website---kudos to Zuzana---it's the best. Our local agencies should learn a thing or two, but they probably will not.

Independent Escorts

Anna Escorts

The poser prose of candle-lit dinners, attending one of the "finest universities in Europe" , and other "upscale" schtick, set the exclusive pose on offer by Anna. Several girlfriends, as they're called, are also available for short-term rental. If you're impressed by the tainted prose, then Anna and her girlfriends are probably of interest to you for your thrash and grind requirements.


Sometimes window-girl offers her services as an escort. Crystina has been written about rather extensively in a couple of particularly good posts on our Message Board, here and here.

Other Escort Service Listings

Escort services come and go, we have no idea how many are still in business since this list was originally compiled.

Academy Girls
tel: 020-400 09 64

Ace of Hearts
tel: 020-600 76 67

A'dam Hot Girls
tel: 020-402 00 29

Adorable Girls
tel: 020-402 00 36

Adventurous Girls
tel: 020-626 08 48

A Fairy Tale
tel: 020-600 11 86

À La Carte Escort
tel: 020-600 37 30

All Male
tel: 020-402 00 31

tel: 020-689 89 95

A Lovely Way
tel: 020-685 27 10

Amsterdam Boys Escorts
tel: 020-618 18 24

Amsterdam Escort
tel: 020-633 68 64

Amsterdam's Madame Claude Services
tel: 020-670 14 83

tel: 06-2229 66 02

Angel Escort Service
tel: 020-632 24 52
tel (Almere): 036-536 30 69

Angela Escort
tel: 020-695 27 94

tel: 020-2229 66 00

Asian Girls
tel: 020-627 86 79

Asian Treat
tel: 020-402 01 27

tel: 020-618 40 69
Club address: W de Zwygerin 70

tel: 020-40 20 122

Beach Girls
tel: 020-600 67 98

Blondie Escort Service
tel: 020-418 25 01

Blue Boy
tel: 020-627 43 74

Boys and Girls Escorts
tel: 020-624 84 84

tel: 0222-892 96 61

Hotel and Airport Service
tel: 020-421 39 29

Boys Unlimited
tel: 020-402 01 07

Call Boys
tel: 020-679 50 98

tel: 020-422 77 71

City Boys
tel: 020-400 44 55

Class Girls
tel: 020-626 08 14

Club Elegance
tel: 020-627 97 88

Club Try It
tel: 020-662 70 91

College Girls
tel: 020-626 03 30

Darling Escort
tel: 020-670 19 93

Desire Escort Service
tel: 020-670 06 20

Diane's Secret
tel: 070-347 63 18

Dreams Escort
tel: 020-640 21 11

Dutch Delights
tel: 020-689 42 68

Dutch Students
tel: 020-578 85 19

Dutch Tele Escorts
tel: 020-530 10 01

Elie Company
tel: 020-578 92 23

tel: 020-418 49 29

Escort Guide Service
tel: 020-670 13 33

Escort International
tel: 074-277 62 75

Escort Nirvana
tel: 040 254 88 11

Escort Service Hollandaise
tel: 070-389 18 79
Mobile tel: 06-52 70 89 94

Euro Escorts
tel: 020-578 92 21

Euro Escorts
tel: 020-683 32 76

Flowers Dutch Escort Service
tel: 020-685 43 30

GiGi First Class
tel: 020-488 55 11

Gouden Gijds
tel: 020-567 65 00

Homo Escort
tel: 020-662 31 42

Hotel Escort
tel: 020-626 47 65

Hotel Escorts
tel: 020-618 33 26

Hotel Girls
tel: 020-698 42 68

Jolanda's Escorts
tel: 020-691 27 49

Joyce Escorts
tel: 020-600 18 89

La Belle
tel: 020-624 44 46

Lady Love
tel: 036-535 27 87
Mobile tel: 06-5331 18 30

Lady Valentine
tel: 020-685 46 58

Martin's Gaynight No. 1
tel: 06-5082 48 60

Massage Service
tel: 020-689 23 63

Mino's Exclusives
Mobile tel: 06-5460 28 83

Mistress Escorts
tel: 020-626 47 65

Misty's Escorts
tel: 020-427 32 54

Models Escort Service
tel: 020-418 49 29

Natural Blonde
tel: 020-627 65 84

Naughty Girls
tel: 020-620 50 39

Nicole's Escorts
tel: 020-492 11 77

Non Stop
tel: 020-636 00 04

Oriental Escort
tel: 020-626 17 56

Oriental Girls
tel: 020-402 01 27

Pamela Escort
tel: 020-691 93 12

People Male Escorts
tel: 020-662 99 90

Royal Escorts
tel:020-589 71 84

Royal Society Models
tel: 020-664 95 93

Sarita's Transsexuals
tel: 020-497 36 09

Secret Affairs
tel: 020-670 13 33

She International
tel: 020-600 24 06

tel (Almere): 06-5335 36 52

Societé Anonyme
tel: 020-671 82 82

tel: 020-423 03 23

tel: 020-402 01 39

Super High Heels Escorts (TV)
tel: 020-670 00 46

Top Girls Escort and Striptease Service
tel: 020-418 13 76

Valentine Escorts
tel: 020-577 11 00

Vienna Escorts-Massage
tel: 020-612 34 44
Address: Rynstr 224

Vlinder's escort Service
tel: 020-631 55 93

Wendy's Escort Service
tel: 020-427 32 51

Why Not
tel: 020-627 43 74

Woman of the World
tel: 020-301 22 43

Yes Escort Service
tel: 020-624 24 04

Young Girls
tel: 020-626 17 56

Zsa Zsa Escorts
tel: 020-600 36 36

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